Australasian Fundraising Forum 2016 - Take your fundraising to the pinnacle. Join with other top fundraisers and thought leaders to test your fundraising limits and climb to new heights.

After selling out with record numbers in 2015, The Australasian Fundraising Forum is back for 2016! Come and learn from some of Australia’s leading charity and nonprofit organisations as they share their case studies and learnings from a variety of fundraising campaigns and programs.

Key themes of the forum are: donor acquisition, donor retention/development, digital fundraising, integrated campaigns and strategy.

Just one of the highlights will be international guest speaker Leah Eustace. Leah is one of the most influential fundraisers in Canada – so be prepared to learn new practices and ideas, insightful commentary on the fundraising landscape, and thought provoking observations that will challenge your thinking and help you raise more funds.

Anne on or +61 2 4965 5161

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Fast Facts


6 to 8 September 2016


Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf (opposite The Star)
Ground Floor, Accenture Building,
48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, NSW


Australasian Fundraising Forum Only

$999 (plus GST)

Half-day ‘Inside the Brain of Your Donor’ Immersion with Leah Eustace Only

$490 (plus GST)

Combined Fundraising Forum & Half-day ‘Inside the Brain of Your Donor’ Immersion

$1489 (plus GST)


6 to 8 September 2016


Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf (opposite The Star)
Ground Floor, Accenture Building,
48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, NSW


Australasian Fundraising Forum Only

$999 (plus GST)

Half-day ‘Inside the Brain of Your Donor’ Immersion with Leah Eustace Only

$490 (plus GST)

Combined Fundraising Forum & Half-day ‘Inside the Brain of Your Donor’ Immersion

$1489 (plus GST)


6 to 8 September 2016


Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf (opposite The Star)
Ground Floor, Accenture Building,
48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, NSW


Australasian Fundraising Forum Only

$999 (plus GST)

Half-day ‘Inside the Brain of Your Donor’ Immersion with Leah Eustace Only

$490 (plus GST)

Combined Fundraising Forum & Half-day ‘Inside the Brain of Your Donor’ Immersion

$1489 (plus GST)

OverviewSponsorsTopics & Speakers


Half-day Immersion: 6 September, 12.30pm to 5pm, Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf, Sydney
Leah Eustace‘Inside the Brain of Your Donor’ Immersion
The Australasian Fundraising Forum: 7 and 8 September, 8.30am to 5pm, Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf, Sydney
Leah EustaceGreat donor stewardship – the iceberg underneath the tip
Leah EustaceBest practice bequest direct marketing
Ruth WicksAmnesty International Australia diversifies regular giving acquisition
Tim Dolan$600 million in seven years … and counting
Warrick SaundersMédicines Sans Frontières grows digital fundraising revenue by 60% in a year
Nicola Stewart, Alison HillFred Hollows Foundation leverages milestone for major acquisition drive
Kim Berry, Luke EdwardsIWDA succeeds with digital acquisition to build regular giving
Peter LoveridgeUsing the brand to fundraise – St John NZ
Lettie BrightMovin’ on up! Oxfam NZ’s middle donor growth journey
Lisa Allan, Erin AndersonThe Smith Family pioneers online donor personalisation
James Goodridge, Paul TavatgisFace-to-face – innovations, issues, insights, and where to from here?
Martin PaulBang for buck – finding the right direction to take your fundraising program
Fiona McPheeUnique test database reveals gold nuggets
Andrew SabatinoFrom $1.6M to $8.6M in 6 years – Guide Dogs powers up individual giving
Lisa HumphriesInnovative social media campaign puts homelessness back on national agenda: #LaceItUp
Shanelle Newton ClaphamAn Australian first: research into web donation pages that get dollars
Georgina KingDirect marketing testing for continuous improvement
Anthea CohenVikki Conley, Meredith Dwyer, Erin Anderson, Renee BowkerPanel discussion: mobile and how it’s changing the fundraising landscape
 Tim EganFacebook shares tips on fundraising


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Topics and Speakers

Half-day Immersion

6 September, 12.30pm to 5pm, Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf, Sydney

Inside the brain of your donor – and what this means for your fundraising

Understanding how your donors think, make decisions and behave, is critical to fundraising success. In this half-day Immersion Leah will reveal some of the important ways the human brain operates and how this knowledge can be used to increase fundraising revenue.

Starting with an overview of how our subconscious drives decision-making (whether it be a decision to open an appeal envelope, click on a ‘donate’ button, or write a cheque), and then moving onto the role that emotion and logic play; Leah will also explain the behavioural economics concepts of social proof, anchoring, reciprocity, and authority.

Knowing how these influence decision-making can help fundraisers shape their donor communications to ensure messages and stories really make an impact and elicit a response.

Examples of how both the corporate and nonprofit worlds leverage the above insights to drive increased sales and fundraising will be discussed. This Immersion also includes some group activity to help illustrate some of the concepts presented.

You’ll go away from this Immersion knowing how psychological, social, cognitive and emotional factors have a big influence on the decisions we make, and how these can and are being used in fundraising to drive more donations.

Presenter: Leah Eustace, M.Phil, CFRE, ACFRE

Leah Eustace

Leah has over 20 years fundraising experience and is currently the Principal and Chief Idea Goddess at Good Works, a leading Canadian direct marketing firm. Clients include some of the country’s best-known charity and nonprofit organisations, including the Canadian branches of Red Cross, Oxfam, and WWF; the Canadian Cancer Society, University of Toronto and National Gallery of Canada.

Leah works with clients to help tell powerful stories through direct marketing, cases for support, legacy giving and social media. She has extensive experience in strategic planning and ‘looking under the hood’ of fundraising programs to help tune up revenue-generation activities.

Prior to joining Good Works, Leah was Director of Development with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Corporate Development Director at the Aga Khan Foundation, and Development Director of the Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program.

Leah has spoken extensively at conferences across North America and she is part of the Executive Committee of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), an international association with 33,000 members around the world. In 2014 Leah received the AFP Ottawa Chapter Outstanding Fundraising Executive Award.

Leah’s participation is sponsored by: pareto-logo-small

The Australasian Fundraising Forum

7 and 8 September, 8.30am to 5pm, Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf, Sydney

Great donor stewardship – the iceberg underneath the tip

While donor acquisition is often seen as the ‘sexy’ exciting part of fundraising (‘new donors, yay!’) stewarding them properly is where the real pay-off comes.

Done well with a structured, planned and strategic process, great donor stewardship results in more loyal donors, who stay with you longer, give more, and more frequently, and at higher levels.

In this presentation Leah will outline a range of tactics and strategies to successfully steward donors for the long term. Leah will use in-depth case studies to illustrate approaches to donor stewardship that are proving highly successful in Canada and in some cases have turned around declining fundraising programs.

This presentation will be highly practical with plenty of ideas, tactics and inspiration you’ll be able to take away and start using in your programs.

Presenter: Leah Eustace, M.Phil, CFRE, ACFRE

Best practice bequest direct marketing

While many charities continue to use a labour intensive one-on-one approach to recruiting bequestors, the use of direct marketing tactics has emerged as a more cost effective and efficient way of finding, converting and nurturing bequest prospects.

Leah will outline some of the ways that successful bequest direct marketing is being done in Canada, including case studies, results and learnings from leading charities like WWF Canada and some of the major universities.

Leah has conducted about 40 focus groups with bequestors and has mined a rich vein of information about the dos and don’ts of how to market to them, how they like to be approached, and the best methods to maximise response.

You’ll go away from this presentation with new ways to approach bequest marketing and plenty of ideas to implement.

Presenter: Leah Eustace, M.Phil, CFRE, ACFRE

Amnesty International Australia diversifies regular giving acquisition

With face-to-face becoming a less reliable source of regular givers, and 12-month attrition spiking at 65% with some suppliers, Amnesty International Australia knew something had to change, and fast. A new strategy has been developed to diversify the different ways and channels through which high quality regular givers can be recruited and retained.

Come and hear Ruth discuss the various testing being done around SMS, email, telemarketing and digital in order to recruit regular givers. Find out about the launch of Amnesty’s new 2-step acquisition program, and whether the trial of a four-weekly debit program has been a success.

Also in this presentation will be a mini case study on the outstanding 2015 Flowers of Hope campaign which raised $45,000 in just 24 hours using a special micro-giving approach. The campaign was also one of the top 10 most influential Instagram posts in Australia.

Presenter: Ruth Wicks, Fundraising Manager, Amnesty International Australia

Ruth Wicks Amnesty International Australia

Since leaving University in 2003 Ruth has forged a career through a variety of jobs in a wide range of charitable organisations, in both Australia and the UK. Since 2008 she has worked for Amnesty International Australia, currently as Fundraising Manager. She has significant experience across a range of fundraising areas including direct marketing, retention, acquisition, bequests, community fundraising and events.

In her current role Ruth leads a team of 18 fundraisers who raised a gross income of $30 million in 2015. She describes herself as a strategic thinker and a leader who embraces opportunity and innovation. Before joining Amnesty International Australia in 2008 she was Fundraising Manager at Cystic Fibrosis NSW for four years.

$600 million in seven years … and counting

The University of Sydney has arguably set a new fundraising landmark in Australia with its ‘Inspired’ campaign raising $600 million in seven years. Up until now these kinds of numbers were only heard of in North America, and only dreamed of in Australia.

So what’s going on at The University of Sydney? How has the old sandstone institution been able to so significantly alter the fundraising landscape? Tim Dolan, Vice-Principal (Advancement) at The University of Sydney will share some of the big picture mindset that’s required to conceive these kinds of possibilities. He’ll also share how cultural change at the uni has enabled these transformations to take place. Infrastructure and leadership have also been crucial.

Tim will also discuss donor psychology and provide some insightful examples of how major gifts were achieved. If you’re looking for some inspiration and to be challenged, this is a presentation not be missed.

Presenter: Tim Dolan, Vice-Principal (Advancement), The University of Sydney

Tim Dolan

Tim Dolan, Vice-Principal (Advancement), oversees The University of Sydney’s fundraising programs which raised $137 million in 2015. His leadership encompasses all areas of development, alumni relations and advancement services, including the university’s $750 million capital campaign – Inspired – which is the nation’s largest fundraising campaign.

Prior to his 2009 appointment at The University of Sydney Tim served for seven years at UCLA both as Director of Development and the Director of Leadership Gifts in their successful $3 billion campaign. Before that, Tim served as Chief Development Officer for the Medical School and Comprehensive Cancer Centre at the University of Hawaii. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science from UCLA.

Médicines Sans Frontières grows digital fundraising revenue by 60% in a year

In the space of just 12 months Médicines Sans Frontières Australia (MSF) has seen a dramatic increase in digital fundraising revenue from $4 million to $6.5 million. How has this been achieved?

Warrick will discuss various aspects of the digital fundraising program that are contributing to the growth of this channel including retargeting, email and website strategy and more.

Key stats and learnings will be shared as well as examples of the creative used as part of MSF’s digital and integrated campaigns.

Presenter: Warrick Saunders, Head of Fundraising, Médicines Sans Frontières

Warrick Saunders

Warrick Saunders is Head of Fundraising and Marketing at Médecins Sans Frontières Australia and has over 20 years’ experience as a marketing and communications specialist. He has worked for large national corporations developing a range of successful marketing strategies and campaigns and has dedicated the last 14 years to working in the nonprofit sector providing strategic direction and advice to maximise fundraising opportunities including acquisition, bequest, major donors, regular giving, digital and donor care programs.

Warrick is responsible for a fundraising portfolio of some $80 million.

The Fred Hollows Foundation leverages milestone for major acquisition drive

This year is a milestone year for The Fred Hollows Foundation – the 25th anniversary since the legendary Fred Hollows became Australian of the Year and 40th Anniversary of the ground breaking National Trachoma Program. To mark the occasion, the foundation is embarking on an ambitious audience engagement and donor acquisition program.

A key part of the program is the ‘Fred on a Fiver’ initiative where the foundation is undertaking significant marketing, PR and advertising to gather more than 50,000 signatures to put Fred Hollows on the $5 note.

Executing the campaign has required extensive cross-functional collaboration across the fundraising, communications, digital and media teams – it’s been a major integrated effort. Key channels used during the campaign (and throughout the year) include TV, telemarketing, direct mail, digital, face-to-face, outdoor, email, and radio.

The foundation’s acquisition program in 2016 is arguably one of the largest in the sector. So how’s it all going? Well you’ll have to come and see Nicola and Alison’s presentation to find out. They will share the key results in different channels, the learnings, and many other great audience engagement and acquisition insights.

Presenters: Nicola Stewart, Associate Director, Marketing and Fundraising and Alison Hill, Global Lead Communication, The Fred Hollows Foundation

Nicola Stewart

icola Stewart 2009

Nicola has almost 20 years of experience in the fundraising and marketing professions including senior executive roles with Mission Australia and the Heart Foundation.

She is currently the Associate Director, Marketing and Fundraising, at The Fred Hollows Foundation where she is responsible for fundraising in Australia and internationally. During her 9-year tenure Nicola has been instrumental in growing fundraising revenue from $8 million to $60 million annually. Nicola oversees all fundraising programs: direct marketing, acquisition, regular giving (face-to-face and non-face-to-face), bequests, major donors, corporate partnerships, major community events, customer retention, database marketing, digital fundraising and international fundraising.

Alison Hill

Alison Hill

Alison is currently the Global Lead Communications for The Fred Hollows Foundation, and heads up communications in Australia and internationally.

Alison has more than 20 years’ experience in media, communications, policy development, government and sport. She worked as General Manager – Government Relations and Communications for the Local Organising Committee of the AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015 and as Chief of Staff and Media Adviser to Assistant Treasurer and Federal Sports Minister Mark Arbib and was Senior Media Adviser to NSW Premier Morris Iemma.  She is also a former newspaper journalist and editor.

IWDA succeeds with digital acquisition to build regular giving

As a small charity with a low profile, the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) has found donor acquisition challenging. However, its ‘End the Right to Rape’ campaign struck a chord with its target audience and easily surpassed all targets for lead generation and conversion to regular giving.

The campaign involved extensive promotion through social media channels, petition sign-up, a great premium offering, and telemarketing conversion. And while regular giving acquisition was the main objective, significant amounts of one-off cash gifts were also received.

This campaign has many great learnings and insights for digital lead generation and regular giving conversion. So come and hear how a small charity succeeded beyond all hopes and expectations, and along the way won the 2016 FIA National Award for Excellence for Donor Acquisition (Category: annual fundraising under $5 million).

Presenters: Kim Berry, Director of Communications and Fundraising, IWDA; and Luke Edwards, Founder and Director, Elevate Fundraising

Kim Berry

Kim Berry

Kim has more than 20 years of experience in fundraising including roles at Victoria University, Alzheimer’s’ Association Victoria and Oxfam Australia. In fact Kim was with Oxfam Australia for over a decade working in a variety of donor development and direct marketing positions, culminating with the role of Associate Director of Fundraising.

Throughout her long career, Kim has created new products, systems and methodologies and driven significant increases in revenue. Her experience covers a broad spectrum of fundraising including direct marketing, events, donor communications, and major gifts. Most of all, Kim loves fostering high performing teams and sharing her obsession with data, testing, creativity and engaging donors.

Kim is currently the Director of Communications and Fundraising at IWDA.

Luke Edwards

Luke Edwards

Luke started his career as fundraising project manager at the MS Society, where he managed their annual events program, including the MS Walk and the Sydney to Gong Bike Ride. During his time at MS he developed and implemented a range of digital strategies and fundraising through events increased from $200,000 a year to over $2.6 million annually over a three-year period.

From here he moved to digital agency Profero and headed up a new department specifically working with the nonprofit sector on fundraising initiatives.

In 2010, Luke started his own consultancy, Elevate Fundraising, which specialises in the use of digital channels. His current clients include MS Society, RSPCA, The Fred Hollows Foundation, The Smith Family and a range of others. In 2013, Luke co-founded Great Cycle Challenge with Greg Johnson, which has raised more than $8 million for children’s medical research in the past 3 years.

Using the brand to fundraise – St John NZ

New Zealand’s national ambulance service, St John NZ responds to over 450,000 emergency ambulance calls each year. St John receives funding from the New Zealand Government but relies on fundraising to help contribute to running the ambulance service. In recent years, St John has faced major increases in demand, but fundraising revenue was stagnant. A key hurdle was the misperception that it was a government organisation, not a charity.

A national marketing campaign was rolled out to communicate the message that the organisation is actually a charity and required donations. This included an award-winning TV ad and other above-the-line activity.

In tandem with shifting the head space of New Zealanders, the 130-year-old organisation transformed its approach to fundraising including re-vamping its direct mail program, leveraging some of its services to become highly successful donor acquisition channels, developed some innovative corporate partnerships, and launched into face-to-face fundraising.

Pivotal to all this has been St John’s powerful brand, and Peter will discuss highlights of the successful marketing campaign to change the attitudes and behaviour of Kiwis towards St John, the challenging journey the organisation has been on to modernise its fundraising program, and look at some of the innovative ways it is using its commercial activities to recruit more donors and increase fundraising revenue.

Presenter: Peter Loveridge, Director of Commercial Products and Services, St John NZ

Pete Loveridge

Pete has 20 years of experience in consumer marketing and has worked both agency and client side. He has held senior roles with Telecom NZ and New Zealand Post, and his sector experience includes FMCG, sports, telecommunications and advertising. 

Since 2013 Pete has been the Commercial Director at St John New Zealand where he is responsible for leading activities that are customer facing – including fundraising, marketing, communications and commercial activities. Pete has been instrumental in transforming fundraising and marketing at St John, with highlights including: doubling annual appeal revenue from $1 million to $2 million; increasing corporate partnership income by 50%; and individual giving has grown from $14 million a year to $23 million a year in the last three years.

Movin’ on up! Oxfam NZ’s middle donor growth journey

six years ago Oxfam NZ embarked on a mid-level donor program called the Oxfam100 Club, with the aim of identifying and converting 100 existing smaller donors to pledge $5,000 each a year for three years. Using data analytics and segmentation, a pool of prospects was identified and approached using a combination of mail and phone contact.

The program was more successful than could have been hoped and exceeded the initial target of 100 mid-level donors. Since then, the program has grown and morphed into something more sophisticated, the You & Oxfam Club, which has several giving tiers and now a new major donor level. The program is now bringing in around $1 million a year from 400 donors.

Lettie will share the journey, rationale and ‘how-to’ of the Oxfam NZ middle-donor program including its growth into major gifts. She’ll also share examples of the materials used, stewardship activities, key results and lessons learned.

Presenter: Lettie Bright, Relationship Development, Oxfam NZ

Originally from the UK, Lettie travelled extensively in developing countries before returning to university in New Zealand to complete a post-graduate diploma in development. In 2009 she joined Oxfam New Zealand as Partnerships Officer where, in a six month period, she doubled the annual income of the Oxfam major donor program. She subsequently took over responsibility for a number of areas including the management of major donors, trusts and foundations, and bequests. And she played a key part in helping to grow the mid-level donor program.

Lettie is now the Philanthropy Services Manager at the Auckland Communities Foundation

The Smith Family pioneers online donor personalisation

Over the last couple of years The Smith Family has been beavering away to build a very personalised online experience for their donors, with the hope and expectation that this will result in more engaged and loyal donors.

The first part of this has involved the building of a donor self-service portal in The Smith Family website. Donors can access their records through the portal, update them, communicate with the children they sponsor and much more.

The second part has been the launching this year of a new sophisticated website that will personalise the user’s experience based on individual donor data in the back-end of the website. Once logged in, users will be served content based on what is known about them in the database. A rules-based system will ‘live automate’ content delivery to optimise their journey in the website.

As this is all very new, Lisa and Erin will provide a ‘work in progress’ update on the successes, learnings, and challenges of what is possibly a first for the sector in terms of developing a personalised online donor experience.

Presenters: Lisa Allan, National Marketing Manager; and Erin Anderson, Digital Marketing Manager, The Smith Family

Lisa Allan

Lisa Allan

As a data driven marketer with a flair for creativity and innovation, Lisa has experienced success in both the commercial and nonprofit sectors over the last two decades.

In her immediate past fundraising position she spent more than seven years at WWF in charge of fundraising to individuals where she helped grow the organisation’s fundraising revenue from $750,000 a year to $12 million annually.

Lisa has been National Marketing Manager at The Smith Family since 2006, where she manages a fundraising program raising $35 million annually from about 100,000 supporters.

Lisa’s work was recognised nationally and internationally in 2009 when her campaigns won a variety of awards including: a bronze ADMA Effectiveness Award in the Not-for-Profit category, and two Media Federation Awards for Best One-Off Innovation and Best Use of Strategic Insight.

Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson

Erin is currently the Digital Marketing Manager at The Smith Family, but in the decade before this she built a corporate career in senior marketing and product management roles for brands such as Nestle, Samsung and Sony.

Immediately prior to joining The Smith Family, Erin was responsible for the MAGGI brand in Australia and New Zealand, managing local brand positioning, end-to-end digital ecosystem, integrated communication planning and an extensive product portfolio.

Working on Nestle’s Aboriginal Youth Development Program in north western NSW spurred Erin’s interest in social change and mobilising socially conscious individuals to create change for disadvantaged Australian children.

Erin now manages all digital fundraising activity at The Smith Family, including the organisation’s website. She approaches the role with a never ending bid to integrate consumer centric thinking into everything they do. Stay calm and remember the supporter!

Face-to-face – innovations, issues, insights, and where to from here?

Face-to-face fundraising, long the engine room of regular giving in Australia, is experiencing challenging times. Demand by charities has outstripped agency supply for some time. Media scrutiny is an ever-present threat. And attrition rates are creeping up.

So what is the future for face-to-face in Australia? In this session a panel of industry experts will discuss the issues, highlight some innovations and best practices, and provide insights on how face-to-face is adapting to meet the challenges.

Panellists: James Goodridge, Chief Executive Officer, Waysact; Paul Tavatgis, Chief Executive Officer, PFRA

James Goodridge

James Goodridge

James is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Waysact. Over the last five years Waysact has grown from a small Australian start-up to support over 1,500 face-to-face fundraising campaigns in 30 countries. Approximately 20% of the world’s new regular givers now come through the Waysact platform. James is in a privileged position to be able to see at a global level how face-to-face is evolving, what ideas are being trialled, to see what works and why – and equally what doesn’t.

Paul Tavatgis

Paul Tavatgis

Paul has been working in the nonprofit sector for almost 20 years. He originally started off in campaigning and activism roles with Amnesty International Australia before becoming a director for over a decade with Cornucopia, a leading face-to-face fundraising agency.

Paul took a leading role in helping to establish the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) in 2015. He is now the Chief Executive Officer of the PFRA, which has the mission of ensuring the long-term sustainability of face-to-face fundraising throug
h setting and enforcing of standards.

Bang for buck – finding the right direction to take your fundraising program

How are you performing and where can you do better? These are the questions every fundraiser and every board should be asking. Too often the answer is just ‘better than last year’. To manage effective investment in fundraising you must measure performance relative to the market.

But knowing which areas to invest in isn’t often a straight forward decision. But help is at hand! In this presentation Martin Paul will share the results of his unique 2015 Cost of Effectiveness benchmarking research. Using financial data from a range of charity and nonprofit organisations, Martin has analysed the direct and salary costs and revenues of different elements of fundraising programs (e.g. direct mail, bequests, corporate partnerships, events etc) to determine which are the most effective at generating income.

Insights from this research can help you determine where you are over performing or underinvesting, what parts of your fundraising program you should invest further in, or indeed which new elements you should consider adding.

Presenter: Martin Paul, Director, More Strategic

Martin Paul

Martin has 25 years’ experience in nonprofit marketing, fundraising and communications.

He has worked in senior executive positions with some of the sector’s leading organisations including the Heart Foundation (NSW), WWF (UK) and The National Trust (UK). He was also Director of Marketing and Communications at Cancer Council NSW where he was responsible for fundraising income of $50 million a year and built up a regular giving program of 40,000 supporters.

Martin is a co-founder and Director of More Strategic – a consultancy specialising in marketing and fundraising strategy. Martin contributes articles to Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine on a semi-regular basis and he often presents at conferences such as the IFC in The Netherlands.

Unique test database reveals gold nuggets

Over 14 years Pareto Fundraising has built a database of more than 800 direct marketing tests across more than 70 charity clients. This unique mine of information is now a valuable resource helping charities to tweak and shape their direct marketing efforts to raise more money.

In this presentation Fiona will reveal some of the ‘nuggets of gold’ nestling in the Pareto test database. She’ll discuss some of the specific tests that generated great results, as well as tests that failed but had a silver lining.

This session will include case studies across mail, phone and digital direct marketing, and you’ll leave this session with some very practical ideas and initiatives you can implement in your direct marketing to help you raise more money.

Presenter: Fiona McPhee, Strategy Director, Pareto Fundraising

Fiona McPhee

There aren’t too many people who go straight from uni into charity land and fundraising, but Fiona is one of them. After completing a degree in politics she joined WWF as a supporter services manager and progressed into more senior roles, culminating in the position of Marketing Manager.

One of her key achievements at WWF was helping to set up a face-to-face fundraising program which continues today as a key donor acquisition program.

Fiona is now the Strategy Director at Pareto Fundraising where she is involved in working with leading charities to help set fundraising direction, measure and benchmark performance. She has been with Pareto for over a decade in a variety of account management and strategic development positions, and over this time she has been fortunate to work with over 60 charities across multiple countries including Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

From $1.6M to $8.6M in 6 years – Guide Dogs powers up individual giving

Guide Dogs SA/NT was in a static fundraising position in 2010, but a desire at the highest levels of the organisation to ramp up fundraising has resulted in accelerated growth.

In this presentation Andrew Sabatino will discuss how the organisation has gone from raising $1.6 million a year to $8.6 million a year with the strategic building of an individual giving program. This has involved the staged addition of new fundraising programs, plus revamping of existing programs.

Just some of the highlights over recent years include: an increase in donors from 14,000 to 48,000; the direct mail program growing from $166,000 a year to $700,000 a year; re-launch of a bequest program; introduction of major gifts and face-to-face, plus more.

Andrew will discuss how the careful and deliberate approach to building a comprehensive individual giving program means Guide Dogs SA/NT is now in a very healthy position for the future, a future that now includes some innovation with the launch of a new social enterprise.

Presenter: Andrew Sabatino, Executive Manager – Business Development, Guide Dogs SA/NT

Andrew Sabatino

Over the last 14 years Andrew has built a career in fundraising both in Australia and the UK, with specialist expertise in direct mail, tele-fundraising, digital, major gifts, face-to-face and bequests.

In the UK Andrew was a Direct Marketing Executive with Barnardo’s Children’s Charity before joining Whitewater (a leading creative fundraising agency) as a Senior Account Executive. At Whitewater some of his key clients included Multiple Sclerosis Society UK, RSPCA UK, and NSPCC – the UK’s largest charity helping disadvantaged children.

He is currently the Executive Manager – Business Development at Guide Dogs SA/NT where he leads the fundraising program and has helped the organisation to significantly increase annual fundraising revenue from $1.6 million to $8.6 million over the last six years.

In 2015 he was named in Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine’s list of ‘Movers and Shakers’. In 2016 he was named as a Pro Bono ‘Changemaker’ and was also awarded the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s (FIA) National Young Fundraiser of the Year.

Innovative social media campaign puts homelessness back on national agenda: #LaceItUp

Using online influencers was one of the keys to success for Youth Off the Streets’ #LaceItUp campaign. Designed as a supporter engagement campaign, the goal was to put homelessness back on the national agenda through selling blue shoelaces.  

Lisa will explain how more than 2.5 million people were reached through social media in the 2015 campaign, representing 519% growth from the 2014 campaign, and which social media channels worked best and why. She will also discuss how paid advertising helped boost the campaign.

Presenter: Lisa Humphries, National Event Manager, Youth Off The Streets

Lisa Humphries

Lisa is a highly motivated and passionate fundraiser with extensive experience in managing fundraising events and major national campaigns. Over the last three years she has been leading the national development and coordination of two new signature fundraising and marketing campaigns for Youth Off the Streets, a sleep-out and a merchandising and awareness campaign called #LaceItUp.

She also works as the Social Media Manager for HeartKids Australia. Previous roles include Event Manager and Program Coordinator at Cancer Council NSW and National Event Manager roles at the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation and First Voice.

An Australian first: research into web donation pages that get dollars

There may be a big difference between what you think makes a good website donation page, and what actually makes a good website donation page. By ‘good’, we mean a page that actually elicits a successful donation.

In an Australian first, Parachute Digital is doing extensive research, sponsored by Blackbaud and involving some 100 charities, on what makes an effective website donation page. Benchmarks have been established and the next step of the research is to determine which pages actually result in donations. Be prepared to rethink your approach, as what you think is an appealing online page may not actually be attractive to a donor and get them over the line. In this session you will learn what characteristics the successful pages have, allowing you to go back to the office and incorporate them into your own page.

Presenter: Shanelle Newton Clapham, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Parachute Digital

Shanelle Newton Clapham

Shanelle is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Parachute Digital, and she has more than 12 years of experience as a digital marketing and fundraising strategist. Her vision is to transform supporter experiences online through great stories, interactive engagement and easy to use donation forms. Giving donors a positive experience at every touch-point, action, ask or gift is her mantra. She describes herself as a ‘digital adventurer’ because she encourages organisations to do things that are bold, fun, challenging and even surprising.

Previous roles include Manager, Digital Marketing & Development at WWF, Digital Innovation and Marketing Manager at Toyota and Online Marketing Manager at News Digital Media. Her book, Attracting Donors Online – Digital Marketing That Works, was published in 2014.

Direct marketing testing for continuous improvement

Testing is a crucial part of setting up or fine-tuning a direct marketing program, however, many charity and nonprofit organisations neglect this aspect of their fundraising program.

Georgina King has had extensive experience in direct marketing through her work at the Cancer Council NSW, Taronga Conservation Society, and The McGrath Foundation. Setting objectives and prioritising test elements are just the beginning of a process that should be ongoing, strategic and leading to insights which drive future revenue growth. 

Georgina will outline some of the key direct marketing testing you should be doing on a regular basis, how to develop a test hypothesis, and how and why your budget determines the quality and type of testing. Georgina will share some examples of testing that worked well, some that didn’t, some that were inconclusive, why and what happened next with the insights.

Presenter: Georgina King, Senior Consultant, More Strategic

Georgina King

Georgina has more than 15 years of direct marketing experience in leading multinational and Australian organisations in a variety of industry sectors, including publishing, fundraising and logistics. Her specialties are direct marketing – acquisition and retention, creative development, data marketing strategy and relationship marketing.

Before joining More Strategic, Georgina was Director of Fundraising and Philanthropy at The McGrath Foundation, where she was responsible for building long-term strategy for regular giving, direct marketing, major gifts and bequests. She applied best practice direct marketing across integrated channels and played a key role in the implementation of a new supporter relationship management platform.

And in an earlier role she was the Appeals Marketing Manager at Cancer Council NSW where she was responsible for revenue of $27 million over seven years.

Panel discussion: mobile and how it’s changing the fundraising landscape

As consumers become more and more comfortable with mobile fundraisers need to keep up with how they are interacting with their organisation on this platform. This means making sure fundraising campaigns are mobile integrated and websites are optimised for mobile. Panellists will discuss how donor intention and behaviour differs on mobile, and how content may need to change in a mobile-dominated world. Find out what payment methods donors are most comfortable with on mobile, and learn about the latest developments in technology and how it will impact your fundraising strategy.

Panellists: Anthea Cohen, Head of Marketing, GoFundraise; Vikki Conley, Digital Business Analyst, World Vision Australia; Meredith Dwyer, Digital Strategist, HomeMade Digital Australia and Erin Anderson, Digital Marketing Manager, The Smith Family

Anthea Cohen, Head of Marketing, GoFundraise

Anthea Cohen

With more than 10 years of experience in marketing and management within the e-commerce industry, Anthea is passionate about helping charities raise more and reduce costs by embracing technology and digital innovation. In her role as Head of Marketing for digital fundraising platform GoFundraise, Anthea works with the country’s largest events and charities, giving her an in-depth understanding of the online fundraising space, including which payment methods are most used on mobile. She was part of the team that recently launched Event Creator Vision, a mobile product that allows charities to build events in a matter of minutes.

Anthea recently worked on a six month project for Variety where she managed their Sydney Airport Christmas Appeal. Previous roles include General Manager of Nibbles Music and Business Manager at Access Digital Entertainment.

Vikki Conley, Digital Business Analyst, World Vision Australia

Vikki Conley

Vikki has been recognised with national awards from the Australian Marketing Institute and the Australasian Reporting Awards and has m
ore than 17 years of experience in fundraising, marketing, strategic communications and community grants development.

An accomplished marketer and community engagement specialist, Vikki has dedicated her career to creating innovative outcomes with a social purpose and is involved in a large project designed to optimise for mobile and desktop at World Vision.

She has held board and advisory positions with Engineers Without Borders, Melbourne Youth Music and the Australian Council for International Aid.

Meredith Dwyer EMFIA CFRE; Director, HomeMade Digital

Meredith Dwyer

Meredith has worked with leading nonprofit organisations across Australia as a fundraiser, consultant and event producer for more than 20 years.  A leader in the development of cause-related marketing in Australia, she established multi-million dollar, award winning partnerships that were showcased and published internationally as examples of best practice.  Her internationally recognised, award-winning peer-to-peer online fundraising campaigns for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation grew their digital revenue from $250,000 to $1 million in just 12 months.

In 2011, Meredith joined CauseForce as Managing Director Australia/New Zealand, leading the growth of their blockbusting fundraising events in the region.  In five years The Ride to Conquer Cancer and Weekend to End Women’s Cancers have raised over $90 million for cancer charities in Australia and New Zealand.  She is now expanding her role in the sector with leading global digital agency, Homemade, helping charities raise more money online.

Erin Anderson, Digital Marketing Manager, The Smith Family (see bio on previous page)


Renee Bowker, Chief Executive Officer, Telco Together Foundation

An experienced senior manager & strategic marketer with more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry in Australia, Ireland and the USA, Renee Bowker is the founding Chief Executive Officer of the Telco Together Foundation.  The foundation works across the telecommunications industry in Australia to support disadvantaged communities through fundraising, volunteering and developing projects that leverage industry resources to provide support.

Before founding the Telco Together Foundation almost five years ago, Renee worked as Group Marketing Manager at M2 telecommunications Pty Ltd for a number of years. She has a degree in marketing and psychology from the University of Tasmania.

Facebook shares tips on fundraising

Do you want supporters to donate, click or share?

Thinking about who your audience is and what you would like them to do for your organisation is key in getting the most out of Facebook, says Facebook Product Marketing Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Tim Egan.

Australian Facebook statistics have revealed the average Australian checks their Facebook account 12 times a day, including when they’re on the train, waiting in line at the supermarket and in their lunch break.  Egan will reveal tips on how to capture their attention during these key moments.  He will also share some resources Facebook has designed especially for nonprofits and explain how to link your objectives to create a strategy for getting the most out of Facebook.

Using successful nonprofit case studies Egan will demonstrate how and where you can source images and video to amplify your message on a shoestring budget as well as the ins and outs of paid and targeted advertising.

Presenter: Tim Egan, Regional Product Marketing Manager, Facebook Australia and New Zealand

Tim Egan Facebook (3) resized

Tim has been working with digital content and marketing for over a decade,  back from when Web 2.0 was a relatively new experience on the internet.  He built his career on understanding the dynamics of what’s possible with digital media, and how brands can harness the ever evolving opportunities of digital platforms.  He ensures that brands and advertisers optimise their use of Facebook’s features to reach the 14 million people that use Facebook in Australia. In particular, delivering people based marketing through the medium most intimate to them; the mobile, which 11 million people in Australia use to access Facebook at least daily.

Prior to joining Facebook, Tim worked at other leading digital brands such as Apple, DoubleClick and Google.

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