All your questions (and more!) about online wills are answered in this value-packed e-book, created in partnership with Gathered Here.

The adoption of online wills in Australia has fast gained momentum in recent years with the public finding them an easy, quick and inexpensive way to write a will. COVID-19 brought rapid growth, a trajectory that has continued with online wills now widely considered
a legitimate form of estate planning. Gifts in Wills are already a huge area of potential fundraising growth for charities. Add online wills into the mix and that potential is explosive.

Latest figures show 40,000 online wills have been written via Gathered Here since 2020. Given the strong interest in how charities could capitalise on the growth of online wills, we are excited to share this valuable e-book which addresses a series of questions and answers to help charities navigate this new terrain.

Questions (and answers!) in the report include:

  • Who is writing online wills?
  • Are gifts pledged in online wills actually worth anything?
  • Are online wills legal?
  • Are online wills appropriate for my organisation?
  • What strategies can NFPs use to educate donors about online wills?
  • … and more!

This e-book is packed full with data-led insights that will help you understand why online wills are making their mark on the Australian nonprofit sector – so download your copy today!