Did you know that the Not-For-Profit sector is the second most targeted industry for cyber attacks?

In the current climate, Not-For-Profit organisations must become digitally capable, highly skilled, and resilient – having cyber security at the forefront of every initiative. 

Microsoft and Bremmar, a finalist for the 2021 Microsoft Not-For-Profit Partner of the Year award, have collaborated to develop a vital tool to help Australian Not-For-Profits strategically select digital tools that improve overall productivity and enables staff to achieve your mission securely.

You will learn:

  • How cyber threats impact NFPs and key actions your organisation can take to mitigate risks.
  • What challenges NFPs face when adopting newer technologies.
  • Microsoft’s assistance to NFPs – such as grants, discounted software and services.
  • How to achieve your goals efficiently with digital tools to enhance NFP productivity and collaboration.

We’ve got a comprehensive plan now for the changes we can make over the next twelve months that will improve the security and efficiency of our processes, helping our staff get value out of their Microsoft investment.

Seth Phillips – Lifeline WA

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