The Kids’ Cancer Project (TKCP) is an independent national charity with a big goal. 

TKCP is working towards a 100% survival rate for children with cancer. It also wants to eradicate the harmful impacts of treatment.

Regular giving (RG) plays a vital role in its mission of supporting this critical childhood cancer research.

Recently, TKCP needed to make a big decision: selecting a single agency to run its regular giving conversion program.

Unfortunately, it lacked the tools and resources to create the reliable regular giving reports and forecasts it needed to inform this critical choice.

This meant it was ‘flying blind’ without really understanding:

  • the status of the RG program
  • how it had changed and developed
  • where it was heading
  • where it should be heading

In this free case study from GivingInsight, you’ll find out how TKCP gained the insights it needed to make the right decision.

Download this case study to discover how your nonprofit can follow in TKCP’s footsteps by building a more effective regular giving program.

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