Session 2: How is coranavirus impacting fundraising and how are charities and nonprofits combating the challenges and innovating

Session 3: Digital transformation: Red Cross aims for 50 fundraising revenue from digital channels

Session 4: Make your supporters love you and win them for life with AI SMS

Session 5: IWITOT (I wish I’d thought of that)

Session 6.1: Testing is a lifestyle

Session 6.2: Pitch Fest

Session 7A: David and Goliath: How Save the Bilby Fund took on Cadbury

Session 7B: Ronald McDonald House Charities ditch mail for digital with surprising results

Session 8: How to get your two-step program off the ground and keep it airborne

Session 9A: The power of video for digital fundraising

Session 9B: Beyond last touch attribution: how to use multi-touch attribution to optimise digital marketing

Session 10.1: Using PURLs to drive better EDM result

Session 10.2: How to Rock Your Virtual Event

Session 11A: Meet Google Tag Manager – your new best friend

Session 11B: Integrating digital channels with your appeals –online lessons from COVID-19

Session 12A: Remarketing – the unsung hero of digital fundraising

Session: 12B Turn your website into a fundraising website

Session 13: Learning from e-commerce, more than a revenue stream