I was struck by a comment from one of our Movers & Shakers that his biggest challenge is actually being a fundraiser. That very few (any?) people grow up dreaming of being a fundraiser is no surprise. There’s no structured career path for a fundraiser. There’s no undergraduate degree to kick-start a career. People often ‘fall into’ fundraising. They start out as volunteers, or face-to-face fundraisers. They seek solace and meaning after unsatisfying corporate careers. For those who stick the landing it is hugely rewarding, but it is a hard role, compounded by the fact that those outside the sector don’t really understand what you do. 

Last year, we did not have a Movers & Shakers issue. It didn’t seem appropriate to single out individual accomplishment given the environment. But this year, even as uncertainty prevailed, we were in a more celebratory mood. We wanted to celebrate your achievements and we thank everyone who took the time to nominate their peers and colleagues. We had to make some hard decisions! 

One uniting trait of all our Movers & Shakers is their alacrity – how willing they are to share their experiences, their knowledge, their struggles. At F&P we witness this all the time – how happy you all are to share your successes (and sometimes your failures), your tactics and your learnings with us –  online, in print, at our conferences and in our webinars. You are making it easier for each other to do a better job, to serve your mission, to make the world a better place. We love being a small part of that.

So, congratulations to our 2021 Movers & Shakers! And congratulations to all of you for staying the course. We’ve all been through the wringer in the last 18 months, so let’s take advice from Wayside Chapel’s Laura Henry and give ourselves a gigantic hug. 

CLARE JOYCE, Content Director