There are already many benefits to signing up your team to the F&P Fundraising Forum.

Learning together will help you build a stronger, more effective fundraising team. You can compare notes, and share new ideas that will help your organisation raise more funds.

Now there’s another big reason to get your team on board for the Forum: you’ll save money.

In 2021, the Forum is being held as a virtual conference. That means we can offer you team packages that are not possible for an in-person event.

Here’s how much you can save per person by purchasing an “Up to 5-user” pass:

Want to learn more about the Forum? Make sure you check out our recent interviews with presenters Mark Phillips, Karen McComiskey, Tom Duggan, and Ally Murray.

Visit the Fundraising Forum registration page to find the individual vs “Up to 5-User” ticket prices across all the different ticket bundles. You’ll see the exceptional per person savings you can get by purchasing the “Up to 5-user” ticket.

You can see a full list of speakers and presentations on the Fundraising Forum website.