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Grant:  Harcourts Foundation Grants Round 56

Areas of support: Harcourts Foundation has a clear focus on providing grants to reputable community-based organisations which need funding for projects and initiatives designed to benefit as many people as possible. The Foundation will prioritise applications that demonstrate the widest community impact. Priority is also given to those areas where the Harcourts office is currently a financial contributor to The Harcourts Foundation.

Application deadline: 3 February 2023

Location: Australia

Grant value: Previous state-level grants: $500 – $18,000; national grants: >$100,000

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Grant: Sisters of Charity Foundation – Community Grants Program

Areas of support: To support community projects and programs that break down social isolation and alleviate the impact of poverty on individuals and families. Grants have been used to support a wide range of people, including those facing poverty and disadvantage, people living with disabilities, at-risk youth, refugees and asylum seekers, First Nations people, those experiencing homelessness or domestic violence, elderly people, and those who have been incarcerated or affected by substance abuse and their families.

Application deadline:  5 February 2023

Location: Australia

Grant value: Up to $15,000

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Grant: Cancer Australia Supporting People with Cancer Grants (Round 14)

Areas of support: This initiative aims to support people affected by cancer through the provision of grants to community organisations and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations. To be eligible your grant application must be for a new project that will support people affected by cancer. Aims to support people affected by cancer and encourage collaborations to build effective partnerships; maximise the potential for the involvement of organisations with a proven history of delivery; ensure unique projects are not duplicated; and invite organisations to contribute funding to support sustainable projects to improve outcomes for people affected by cancer.

Application deadline: 7 February 2023

Location: Australia

Grant value: Up to $120,000 over three years

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Grant: Capital of Equality Grants Program Round 2023 – Stream 2: Partnership and Capacity Building

Areas of support: The Partnership and Capacity Building Stream is designed to help build capacity and sustainability of community organisations in the ACT region to meet the needs of the LGBTIQ+ community. This stream will be in effect until 2024 in recognition of an increasing number of LGBTIQ+ -led work in the ACT and a lack of funding for the core capacity building work. The outcomes of this funding are aligned with the commitments to supporting community services expressed in the Second Action Plan of the Capital of Equality Strategy.

Application deadline:  8 February 2023

Location: ACT

Grant value: Up to $50,000 per year

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Grant: Create NSW Annual Organisation Funding – Round 2, 2022/23

Areas of support: To support Arts and Cultural Organisations to deliver multiple arts and cultural activities throughout a single calendar or financial year. Eligible activities include: creation of new work, practice-based research or experimentation and professional development; production, exhibition, presenting, publishing or recording, touring and festivals; promotion and marketing; conservation and/or development of collections and archives; purchase of capital infrastructure and equipment; partnerships, capacity building and sustainability.

Application deadline: 13 February 2023

Location: NSW

Grant value: Up to $200,000

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Grant: Australia Council for the Arts: Four Year Funding – Organisations

Areas of support: Four Year Investment provides multi-year investment for arts and cultural organisations. This will enable organisations to plan with longer-term certainty and increase their capacity to leverage other support and collaborations.

Organisations must demonstrate a high degree of artistic achievement, along with a compelling four-year vision for the period 2025-2028. To be competitive, organisations will also need to show they are well governed, effectively managed, and generate diverse income streams. It is the intention of this category to invest in organisations that are part of the small to medium arts and cultural sector.

Application deadline: 14 February 2023

Location: Australia

Grant value: From $100,000 per annum up to $520,000 per annum for four years.

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Grant: The William Buckland Foundation Improved Health Program EOI

Areas of support: Improving health priority outcomes. Improving mental wellbeing for young people – young people are facing significant complexity and challenges; we will support services to allow them to achieve improved mental health and wellbeing. Assisting young people with disability as they move towards independence – support for young people to transition successfully into employment and independent living. Enhancing local health access – supporting access to comprehensive health services from an early age, particularly in regional and rural areas.

Application deadline: 15 February 2023

Location: VIC

Grant value: $50,000 – $150,000 per annum over 4 years

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Grant: 26Ten Grants for Employers

Areas of support: Funds support employers and peak bodies to increase the literacy and numeracy skills of Tasmanian workers. Projects can include improving all aspects of workplace communication, for example: improving the reading, writing and maths skills of employees so they can do their jobs better; training employees to write work documents in plain English; training supervisors and managers to support employees with low literacy.

Application deadline: 17 February 2023

Location: TAS

Grant value: $5,000 to $50,000

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Grant: NT Recycling Modernisation Fund

Areas of support: The Northern Territory (NT) Recycling Modernisation Fund supports infrastructure projects that recover or recycle waste material subject to export bans. Funding will be given to projects that recover, recycle or reuse the following types of waste: plastics; paper and cardboard; glass; tyres.

Application deadline:  28 February 2023

Location: NT

Grant value: Grants of at least $20,000 are available

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Grant: Gambling Community Benefit Fund Round 116 – Super Round

Areas of support: Provides funding to community groups and not-for-profit organisations in Queensland to enhance their capacity to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities. Funding applications are prioritised in the following order (with 1 being highest priority): (1) Items/facilities directly affected, damaged or destroyed by a declared natural disaster in the last 2 years; (2) Equipment or facility improvements; (3) Vehicles; (4) Community events, training, workshops, festivals, publications and website development; (5) Organisations that have received more than $15,000 from the GCBF over the past 2 years.

Application deadline:  28 February 2023

Location: QLD

Grant value: Up to $100,000

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