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Grant:  Coopers Brewery Foundation – Sustainable Giving Initiative

Areas of support: Under the initiative, an eligible organisation will be selected and awarded $50,000 a year for three years, providing it with a total of $150,000. The program is designed to provide long-term certainty for the successful organisation. The 2022 focus area is: Youth Education.
Application deadline: 08 August 2022
Grant value: $50,000 per year for 3 years
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Grant:  Community Broadcasting Foundation – Content Grant (Round 2, 2022)

Areas of support: Content grants aim to support the development, production and distribution of content via Australian community media.
Application deadline: 16 August 2022
Grant value:  There is no limit on how much you can apply for.
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Grant:  Youngcare At Home Care Grants – National Round 2 2022

Areas of support: The Youngcare AHCG’s assist young people (aged 16-65) with high care needs who are living at home and who are at risk of entering inappropriate housing. The program provides one-off grants of up to $10,000 for the provision of essential support items that are unable to be funded through other means, such as the NDIS.
Application deadline: 17 August 2022
Grant value: Up to $10,000
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Grant:  Tucker Foundation Grants

Areas of support: We are focused on supporting registered charitable organisations who are actively making a positive difference in the lives of humans, animals and the natural environment. Aims and objectives; public art galleries and museums; relief of poverty and the suffering of children; scholarships; protection of women from abuse; social change to increase equal treatment and social acceptance of all persons; protection of wildlife and habitat; prevention of cruelty to animals and promotion of animal welfare.
Application deadline: 19 August 2022
Grant value: Up to $25,000
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Grant:  Criminal Property Confiscation Grants Program

Areas of support: To provide funding to projects and new initiatives that: prevent or reduce drug related criminal activity and the abuse of prohibited drugs; implement services and other assistance to victims of crime; aid law enforcement through the implementation of community safety and crime prevention initiatives within Western Australia.
Application deadline:  31 August 2022
Grant value: Up to $200,000
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Grant:  Gambling Community Benefit Fund Round 115

Areas of support: Provides funding to community groups and not-for-profit organisations in Queensland to enhance their capacity to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities. Funding applications are prioritised in the following order (with 1 being highest priority): (1) Items/facilities directly affected, damaged or destroyed by a declared natural disaster in the last 2 years; (2) Equipment or facility improvements; (3) Vehicles; (4) Community events, training, workshops, festivals, publications and website development; (5) Organisations that have received more than $15,000 from the GCBF over the past 2 years.
Application deadline:  31 August 2022
Grant value: Up to $35,000
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Grant:  Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship

Areas of support: The Foundation is seeking exceptional individuals with the potential and desire to make a real and lasting difference to Australia’s future in technology and innovation and enabling positive social change. Your ability matches your drive – giving you the potential to make a lasting difference to Australia’s future. Looking for switched-on, curious thinkers who have the inspiration, drive and ideas to change Australia – and potentially the world – for the better.
Application deadline:  01 September 2022
Grant value: Up to $120,000 over 2-3 years.
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Grant:  Women and Change Grant Round (EOIs)

Areas of support: Funding for a project that will support those people in the community who are most disadvantaged. A project that delivers sustainable change, positive social outcomes for Queenslanders living in disadvantage, is well defined, and identifies a specific community need; particularly interested in new initiatives.
Application deadline:  31 August 2022
Grant value: One grant of up to $50,000
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