Grant:  Calvary Health Care Tasmania Community Council Grants Round 1, 2024

Areas of support: The Calvary Community Council supports processes, events and activities that make a positive difference to the health needs of the community. The Calvary Community Council aims to support programs that will reduce the current health inequalities that exist in Tasmania. Areas of focus are: marginalised and vulnerable groups, children and adolescents, young adults, and the elderly.

Eligible regions: TAS

Application deadline: 3 May 2024
Grant value: Up to $5,000

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Grant:  Harcourts Foundation Grants Round 61

Areas of support: The Harcourts Foundation purpose is “To provide support that helps, grows, and enriches our communities”. The Foundation aims to provide grants to reputable community-based charitable organisations which need funding for projects and initiatives designed to benefit as many people as possible. An application for a grant must be for a specific event, project, item, or initiative. You may apply as a national or regional organisation, however your application must be for a specific community event, project, item, or initiative that fits the criteria.

Eligible regions: Australia

Application deadline: 3 May 2024
Grant value: Previous grants have been $500 to $18,000, up to $111,440

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Grant:  South Australian Tourism Commission – Regional Event Fund 2024-25

Areas of support: The Fund is designed to strengthen the state’s regional events calendar and drive economic stimulus across the regions beyond the traditionally peak summer tourism period. To strengthen the regional events calendar by encouraging the development of new and innovative regional events, grow existing events, and drive increased visitation and economic stimulus to the regional economy.

Eligible regions: SA

Application deadline: 6 May 2024
Grant value: Established Event Funding $20,000 to $50,000; Development Event Funding $5,000 to $20,000.

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Grant:  Elders – Community Giving Project

Areas of support: The project supports initiatives that provide sustainable, tangible and long-term benefits with positive outcomes for Australian rural, regional and remote communities. In turn this builds capacity, longevity, liveability and connection in the regions in which Elders operate. Each application must align to at least one of the following pillars: People and regions; Environmental awareness; Innovation into the future; Healthy bodies and minds; Encouraging diversity; Safety first.

Eligible regions: NT

Application deadline: 10 May 2024
Grant value: Two tiers of funding at $10,000 and $20,000 per grant; two People’s Choice up to $10,000

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Grant:  The Salter Foundation

Areas of support: Preventative programs for youth dependency on drugs, alcohol and other abusive substances; organisations that tackle the problem of youth homelessness; education, training and employment for disadvantaged youth; mental health issues and preventative programs designed to tackle this issue; support for children in third world countries to assist with education.

Eligible regions: QLD, NSW, TAS, VIC

Application deadline: 15 May 2024
Grant value: Up to $5,000

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Grant:  Queensland Child Protection Week: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Engagement Grant

Areas of support: To enhance and promote child protection messages within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Your submission must respond to the following criteria: facilitate an event across multiple locations that promotes the theme Protecting Children is Everybody’s Business and reflects the interests and diversity of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community; the event/activity must be completed within Child Protection Week; raise awareness of child abuse and neglect as an issue within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; promote local services available to support children and families who have experienced child abuse and neglect, or are at risk; equip individuals and communities with knowledge and skills to understand child abuse and neglect and empower them to take action.

Eligible regions: QLD

Application deadline: 17 May 2024
Grant value: $5,000

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Grant:  AbbVie – Organisation Grants

Areas of support: To provide financial support for projects that promote excellence in patient care, support disease awareness and provide education to healthcare professionals, as well as to provide funding to support charities and their fundraising activities in the community.

Eligible regions: Australia

Application deadline: 24 May 2024
Grant value: has funded $1,000 to $25,000

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Grant:  Warrawong Professional Learning Grants

Areas of support: The Warrawong fund supports not for profit early childhood services or organizations in Victoria to enable staff to undertake training or professional development in the field of early childhood, and projects and initiatives relating to the training and professional development of staff working in the field of early childhood. Priority will be given to those disadvantaged from participating in professional development due to geographic location, physical, personal, economic or social circumstances.
Eligible regions: VIC

Application deadline: 27 May 2024
Grant value: Up to $10,000

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