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GRANT: NSW Government – Environmental Restoration and Rehabilitation Grants

Areas of support: Funding to assist community and government organisations to contribute to the ongoing sustainable management and stewardship of significant environmental assets and services in NSW. 

Application deadline: 14 December 2020 

Grant value: Stream 1: up to $115,000 over 2-3 years; Stream 2: up to $170,000 over 3-4 years 

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Grant:Regional Tourism Bushfire Recovery Grants – Stream 1 Applications 

Areas of support: Funding to support events, concerts, festivals and visitor attractions in fire affected regions to assist with recovery efforts and encourage international and domestic visitors to come back to the regions. 

Application deadline: 18 December 2020 

Grant value: Generally up to $30,000, although larger amounts will be considered in exceptional circumstances 

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Grant:Aged Care Workforce Retention 

Areas of support: The purpose of the grant opportunity is to provide eligible aged care providers and agencies with funding to pay the retention bonus payments to Eligible Aged Care Workers undertaking direct care services in aged care residential and/or home care. 

Application deadline: 18 December 2020 

Grant value: Up to $800 for residential aged care workers and up to $600 for home care aged care workers. 

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Grant:Aboriginal Sport Participation Grant Program Round 1 

Areas of support: To assist Aboriginal Victorians to participate in Aboriginal sport carnivals, buy sports uniforms and equipment, as well as funding for travel and accommodation expenses for athletes to compete in state and national competitions. 

Application deadline: 20 December 2020 

Grant value: Up to $1,500 

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Grant:Allport Bequest 

Areas of support: For projects that benefit the citizens of Hobart. 

Application deadline: 31 December 2020  

Grant value: Up to $30,000. Generally grants around $10,000. 

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Grant:Bushfire Assistance Grants – St. George Foundation 

Areas of support: Bushfire Assistance Grants are available to support eligible charities and local community organisations with projects that will aid in long-term recovery efforts for bushfire-affected communities that focus on assisting children and young people. 

Application deadline: 31 December 2020 

Grant value: It is recommended that applicants apply for $20,000 to $50,000 per project, however all eligible funding requests will be considered. 

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Grant:OBrien Real Estate Foundation Grants 

Areas of support: The OBrien Real Estate Foundation aims to fund specific projects in the following areas: education; community sporting activities; community support groups; medical research and support groups; innovative projects from local community organisations. 

Application deadline: 31 December 2020 

Grant value: Preferred amounts of up to $5,000. 

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Grant:Northern Territory Office of Gender Equity and Diversity –  General Grants Program 

Areas of support: To fund programs/projects/activities and initiatives that promotes gender equality in the Northern Territory. Gender inequities may be addressed by advancing the social, political, economic or civil status of Territory women and other groups of Territorians disadvantaged by gender 

Application deadline: 31 December 2020.  

Grant value: Up to $5,000 

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