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Grant: ClubGRANTS Category 3 Funding 2022/23 – Infrastructure Grants

Areas of support: To support the construction, alteration, renovation, completion and fit-out of buildings and community infrastructure in the following areas: Arts & Culture; Disaster Readiness; Community Infrastructure; Sport & Recreation.
Application deadline: 31 October 2022
Grant value: $10,000 to $200,000
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Grant:  Deafness Foundation Community Grants

Areas of support: Funding for projects which support the deaf and hearing impaired through research, prevention, education, early detection or technology. Projects should be innovative, and have clearly defined and time limited goals and assessment criteria. Projects should align with the purpose and strategic priorities of the Deafness Foundation.
Application deadline: 31 October 2022
Grant value: Previous grants: approximately $2,000 – $8,000
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Grant:  Harcourts Foundation Grants Round 55

Areas of support: Harcourts Foundation has a clear focus on providing grants to reputable community-based organisations which need funding for projects and initiatives designed to benefit as many people as possible. The Foundation will prioritise applications that demonstrate the widest community impact. Priority is also given to those areas where the Harcourts office is currently a financial contributor to The Harcourts Foundation.
Application deadline:  03 November 2022
Grant value: Previous state-level grants: $500 – $18,000; national grants: >$100,000
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Grant:  The Ian Potter Foundation Arts Grants

Areas of support: To enhance the calibre and capacity of the arts sector and support excellent organisations to raise the bar of aspiration and achievement. The objectives are: to support first-rate artistic institutions and organisations in metropolitan and regional Australia which are distinctive in artistic achievement, imagination and innovation in fostering development across a sector or art form; and to support such institutions to host artists in high-calibre professional development and/or leadership opportunities of at least 12 months (e.g. fellowships, apprenticeships, mentorships, internships).
Application deadline:  10 November 2022
Grant value: No upper limit. In general, the recommended minimum grant amount for institutions and organisations is $100,000 and these are usually considered as multi-year grants.
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Grant:  ASRC Refugee Capability Building Grants Program – Social Change Impact Grant

Areas of support: Provide grants to established refugee-led organisations to enable them to plan and deliver new programs for 1-2 years while simultaneously building their capacity to manage larger activities and services. This grant aims to build the skills and experience of RLOs to develop, pilot and test new and/or scale existing community activities/services that deliver a demonstrable outcome for people seeking asylum and refugees.
Application deadline:  18 November 2022
Grant value: up to $50,000
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Grant:  Pride Foundation Australia Small Grants Program Round 3 2022

Areas of support: Pride Foundation will invest in projects that directly or indirectly assist, involve and benefit LGBTQIA+ people and promote positive social outcomes and mental health in the community.
Application deadline:  14 November 2022
Grant value: Up to $750
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Grant:  The Copland Foundation Grants – Conservation and Interpretation

Areas of support: Funds projects relating to the study, management, conservation, acquisition and interpretation of collections held by galleries, museums and historic houses. Grants are divided into 3 categories. This round covers the Conservation and Interpretation categories.
Application deadline:  15 November 2022
Grant value: Up to $50,000
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Grant:  Cancer Council Queensland SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative

Areas of support: The Initiative provides co-funding for permanent shade structures for not-for-profit organisations that cater to children 0-18 years. Please note: Queensland Department of Health have stipulated specific target areas for this round to organisations that are located within the Central West and South West Health Services Districts. Applications outside of these areas will not be considered.
Application deadline:  21 November 2022
Grant value: Up to $25,000
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Grant:  Mercy Foundation Grants to End Homelessness

Areas of support: Projects that focus on ending and preventing homelessness especially chronic homelessness are currently priority areas for funding. Chronic homelessness is defined as an episode of homelessness lasting 6 months or longer or multiple episodes of homelessness over a 12 month period or more.
Application deadline:  21 November 2022 – EOI due
Grant value: Between $5,000 – $50,000 with grants likely to be averaging $20,000 –
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