Bequest fundraising typically involves identifying brand new supporters or persuading existing ones to pledge a gift in their will. But there’s an opportunity beyond these traditional strategies that often goes overlooked, despite its proximity and accessibility to NFPs. 

Every charity has them, yet staff and volunteers are rarely included in bequest communications. Research shows that less than 10% of NFPs with an online will offering have specifically reached out to staff and volunteers to promote online wills or legacy giving. 

This oversight is a missed opportunity — one that, if rectified, could lead to sizable gifts without organisations incurring any significant cost. But that’s not the only benefit… 

Small outreach, big results

Staff and volunteers have a strong connection to the organisation, they believe in its cause, and they’ve already shown commitment to helping. 

They’re ideal candidates for pledging a gift in their will and data from Gathered Here shows that unlocking this demographic can lead to strong results even when very few people are contacted. 

One animal charity partnering with Gathered Here received gifts worth over $65,000 after including information about online wills in its regular newsletter, which was sent to just 450 employees and volunteers. 

On an even smaller scale, a mental health charity that tested the waters by sending out a single email to 100 of its employees received gifts worth over $15,000. 

This type of outreach can be done without any financial investment. A Gathered Here basic membership is completely free and provides NFPs with a custom online will platform and landing page. There’s no reason not to try.

Workplace perks

In addition to generating future revenue, offering a free online will to staff and volunteers is a valuable perk in itself. Legal fees associated with traditional will writing easily reach several hundred dollars, even thousands, putting estate planning out of reach for many who are tightening budgets in the current economy.

For anyone with relatively straightforward estate wishes, a free online will is an accessible, effective and convenient alternative. Wills written through Gathered Here are 100% free for will writers and NFPs and come with unlimited updates for life — potentially saving employees thousands of dollars. 

By connecting staff and volunteers with this service, charities and NFPs can offer a tangible benefit — again, without incurring any cost. 

Spreading the message

Finally, contacting staff and volunteers about online wills is also an effective way to normalise online wills, spread the message about legacy giving, and create ambassadors for your gifts in wills program.

Online wills, although booming in popularity, are still relatively new to Australia. The more people in your organisation who understand how easy, convenient and effective they are, the easier your team will find it to secure organisational buy-in. 

When it comes to supporter outreach, other team members across the organisation will already know first-hand the benefits of an online will and may be more enthusiastic about collaboration.

Want to know more?

You can offer your staff and volunteers a free online will without spending a cent. That’s easily tens of thousands of dollars in future revenue, with no organisational investment. Visit our website.

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