Securing donations to achieve your mission is the name of the game in fundraising, but is the processing and administration of those donations eating up your team’s time when they could be implementing donor journeys, building major donor relationships, pursuing corporate partnerships or writing winning grant applications?

Our product fulfilment and campaign logistics company, Premium Fulfilment Services (PFS), knows that if someone decides to donate to your nonprofit, they should receive the best possible experience post-donation. We also know that fundraising teams are often under-resourced and time-poor. And this is where we can help.

Secure, efficient, low-cost

With a cost-effective and speedy cloud-based system, PFS offers a safe and quality-assured service that can take the bulk of donation processing, banking and fundraising administration off your hands, freeing you up for innovation and crucial relationship-building work.

By outsourcing donation processing and administration tasks to PFS, you will benefit from economies of scale and efficiencies that lower cost (compared to managing these tasks in-house) and give back precious time to your team. And you can skip data compliance costs and PCI standard hassles, as PFS has these factors covered.

Services include:

  • PCI-compliant donation banking and processing (your funds are confirmed within 24 hours, aiding your cash-flow)
  • Data entry
  • Detailed reporting for your campaigns
  • Management and analysis of communications
  • Manual/electronic lead capture across a variety of channels including social media, phone, email, SMS, coupons or letters
  • Catalogue orders (communications sent out by direct mail – such as appeal or merchandise mailings – that include a response mechanism)
  • Donor surveys

10 reasons to work with PFS

1. Reliable, with trusted experts in response management

With a history that dates back to 1990, PFS processes donations and issue receipts to over a million donors annually. With our experience across a wide range of charities, you can work with us to benchmark and enhance your fundraising efficiency.

2. Access to state-of-the-art cloud technology

With PFS you’ll enjoy unrestricted and complimentary access to our advanced cloud technology that helps hundreds of nonprofits streamline their data and reporting processes.

3. Dedicated team for account management

You can expect a response to your queries within an hour.

4. Freedom to select from leading Australian banks

PFS is an independent entity, not owned by any financial corporation. This grants you the freedom to choose a bank that suits your needs. Options include NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, St George, ANZ, and many others.

5. Access to over 25 direct integrations…

… and the broad technological skillset amongst the PFS team means they are across all these integrations – such as Salesforce, Blackbaud and Raiser’s Edge (and more!) – and can have your campaign up and running within three days of quote acceptance.

6. Fast access to your funds

Say goodbye to cash flow issues. PFS guarantees your donations will be processed on the same day.

7. Assured security and PCI compliance

As a PCI compliant entity, PFS ensures you meet the stringent privacy, security and data requirements of the credit card industry, reducing your transaction costs and protecting your donors.

8. More time and resources for what truly matters

By optimising your administrative work, we provide you with more time and resources to concentrate on your next fundraising venture. When you’re not caught up in tasks such as donation processing and data entry, you can focus on donor experience and fundraising ideation.

9. Save money with reduced operating costs

Outsourcing to PFS eliminates the need for investment in infrastructure, as we take on responsibility for business processes, recruitment and compliance costs involved in donation processing and fundraising administration tasks.

10. Peace of mind

Proficiently handling over one million responses each year, PFS ensures your funds are securely deposited and confirmed within 24 hours. You will lock in certainty, enhance donor experience and save on processing costs.

Who should work with PFS

If you are an Australian or New-Zealand based organisation that fundraises, then PFS is for you! Whether you are a charity behemoth or a smaller nonprofit, PFS services are scalable, budget-friendly and efficient. With the surety of fixed costs as low as $0.65 per transaction, you can budget with confidence and free your team from burdensome processing and administration tasks to concentrate on what matters most – fundraising excellence.

Get in touch!

To contact PFS and to access more information about our services – including testimonials from CareFlight, Vision Australia and the Heart Foundation – click here. Or you can call us on 1800 226 777.

About the author

Roger Kidd is founder and CEO of Premium Fulfilment Services (PFS). He has worked with many of Australia’s leading charities including the Heart Foundation, Cancer Council, St John Ambulance and Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) and he has extensive experience in marketing logistics and outsourced business processing.

With over 30 years’ experience, Roger and his committed team look forward to helping your organisation create efficiencies, enhance the donor experience and, ultimately, power your fundraising to achieve your mission.