In times of great upheaval, there’s often a tipping point when the rate of change speeds up like a rocket. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re living through one of those moments right now. 

Think about how much the way you work changed between 2000 and the start of 2020. Now look at all the changes you’ve seen in the past six months.

That’s over 20 years’ worth of changes compressed down to just six months.

New challenges to solve

With so many of us now working remotely, there are new challenges to solve. How do you keep your staff productive when the office is closed, or when they’re working from home?

There are also some vital tasks that should be easy to perform from home, but aren’t. For example, taking care of your transactions.

That’s where DonorEze™ comes in. It relieves the headaches of adapting to the new workplace environment.

With DonorEze™, it no longer matters where you work. All your donations and surveys will be processed without interruption. By having one central processing point for everything, you no longer have to coordinate half a dozen different IT suppliers. 

The service builds on Crystal Clear Data’s proven track record in creating packaged services that automate your donation and report processes.

This will give you more time and energy to focus more on your most important leads. 

So what is DonorEze™ ?

DonorEze™ is a fully integrated and automated service for managing all your donations and surveys. Whether you source them online or offline, they all come together in one place.  

Leads from surveys are available in DonorEze™ within a couple of hours of the mail being received at CCDATA. This will trigger hyper-personalised thank you letters and receipts to your supporters.

If you wanted, you could even trigger thank you EDMs to be sent before your supporter submits an online survey. While this is not necessarily recommended, it nevertheless shows the power of automated integration.

DonorEze™ has powerful analytics features to help you plan for the future. These insights are crafted through sophisticated algorithms that draw on your organisation’s records, as well as information from automated government data feeds.

Your bequests are scored automatically. There’s no more need to wait for post-campaign analysis. You can also plug in data or information from external sources to further enhance your real-time reports.

This means you can see when your bequest leads are likely to eventuate over a 1, 5, 10 or 15 year period. You can also find out what the expected attrition rate on your database is likely to be over the coming years. 

Crystal Clear Data has processed over 3 million supporter surveys, making it the leader in processing and reporting. So it only makes sense that survey benchmarking results are included within the DonorEze™ service. 

Finally, if you’re looking to raise more money through e-commerce, DonorEze™ can help you with that as well. You can engage with your supporters and raise more funds by embedding a merchandise page in your online surveys. 

In short, DonorEze™ takes the stress out of managing your organisation’s transactions. And in times like these, having one less thing to worry about makes a big difference.

Find out more about how DonorEze™ can relieves the headaches of adapting to your new workplace environment.