While 2024 is already well underway, it’s never too late to check that your charity’s fundraising approach is fit for purpose and ready to seize new opportunities in the year ahead. While your cause and communities may not have changed, new opportunities to engage supporters continue to emerge and evolve. 

Here are four key considerations to help your charity adapt and benefit from the shifting philanthropic landscape.

1 Increase the visibility of your mission

One of the biggest challenges facing charities can be reaching audiences in a competitive market. According to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, there are about 60,000 charities in Australia competing for fundraising.

PayPal Giving Fund partner programs can help your charity reach large audiences online to increase fundraising opportunities. Since its establishment in 2018, PayPal Giving Fund has raised more than AU$250 million to benefit Australian charities, and over US$2 billion globally.

2 Reach new supporters on their preferred platforms  

A wider network helps maintain the support your charity needs to operate. Reaching new supporters on their preferred platforms is possible with PayPal Giving Fund partner programs such as Instagram, Facebook, GoFundMe, Twitch and more.

According to the recent report The Future Donor: Generational insights to maximise engagement (Mark McCrindle, Sophie Renton and Joshua Chan, McCrindle Research), Gen Z stay up to date with charities and not-for-profits mostly through their social networks, particularly Instagram (58%) and Facebook (54%), showing there is opportunity to raise more funds by making the most of these channels.

3 Make it easy to support your cause 

Secure and easy options help individuals support the causes they care about online. According to the Australian Communities Report: Understanding Australian givers to maximise the impact of NFPs (Sophie Renton, McCrindle Research), online donations account
for as much as 45% of people’s
charitable contributions. 

PayPal Giving Fund aims to make giving a part of everyday life. Its partner programs offer various ways for your charity to gain support from individuals, and charities enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund appear in the maximum number
of programs. 

4 Leverage seasonal moments and insights  

Understand more about the support your charity receives and opportunities to increase support throughout the year. Leverage generosity movements such as Earth Day and International Women’s Day. 

If your charity is enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, you will have access to shared donor details and reports from multiple programs in a central location. 

To learn more about PayPal Giving Fund and its benefits for your organisation and the communities you support, visit: www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/givingfund/home