Billionaire donors agree to pool philanthropic resources

Financial Times: Several of the billionaire philanthropists who signed Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s “Giving Pledge”, in which they promise to devote at least half of their fortune to charity, have agreed to pool some of their resources and develop new ideas for giving their money away.

Inside the Minds of Wealthy Donors

Inside Philanthropy: Top donors are mainly guided by their relationships and instincts as opposed to research or metrics. These are among the findings of a new must-read study about this elite group.

Philanthropy’s bid to ensure medical research funds safe and Sohn

The Australian: Philanthropic donations will play an increasing role in funding medical research in Australia, according to Bob Graham, executive director of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

New CEO of Impact Investment Group Says Sector is Thriving

Pro Bono News: The impact investment scene in Australia is thriving, according to Daniel Madhavan, who has been appointed the new CEO of leading Australian impact fund manager, Impact Investment Group (IIG).

The Impact of Investing in philanthropy

Bloomberg: Jean Case, a philanthropist, investor and pioneer in the world of interactive technologies.

Forming a Picture of the New Philanthropist

The New York Times: What makes a philanthropist? The attributes are many, a new study shows

The new form of collective giving, changing philanthropy in Australia

Lateline: Making major donations to worthwhile causes is no longer just for the wealthy. In giving circles, members come together and pool their money, then vote to decide how the funds will be spent. Emily Stewart looks at one group in Melbourne which supports enterprises helping women and children.

Funders: Come In Early, Stay Late

Stanford Social Innovation Review: How unrestricted, early-stage funding can help nonprofits and social enterprises scale quickly and scale strong.

Donors Looking for a Personalised Experience to Give More – Study

Pro Bono News: New international research reveals that more than half of the donors across six nations are looking for a more personalised experience from the charities that they support and would give more for that experience.

Vast Wealth, Hidden Foundations: How Much Do We Really Know About Billionaire Donors?

Inside Philanthropy: News of a hidden $8 billion foundation based offshore in Bermuda underscores just how opaque the world of big philanthropy really is. What other surprises may be coming?

Amidst ICO Flurry, This Social Entrepreneur Seeks $50M for Clean Energy In Developing World

Forbes: Dan Bates, 60, the founder, president and CEO of ImpactPPA is now conducting presales in anticipation of a $50 million initial coin offering or ICO in the coming weeks. Bates has been doing clean energy projects in the developing world for a decade but ImpactPPA is a new business.

They’re Rich but Trying to Reach Beyond the Money Bubble

The New York Times: Getting outside the gilded ghetto, which narrows the vision of the people who live in them and their understanding of people outside of them.

David Rockefeller’s Thoughtful Path to Philanthropy

The New York Times: Mr Rockefeller, who gave away $20 million to $30 million a year in the last 10 years of his long life, found another way to use philanthropy to make a difference — a big difference, if the sales at Christie’s bring in the $700 million that some auction experts are predicting.

Streamlining a Foundation Initiative’s Grant Practices

Stanford Social Innovation Review: How the Hewlett Foundation’s Madison Initiative has redesigned its grantmaking process to make life easier for both its staff and its grantees.

Oxford University Could be Home to New Institute for Philanthropy and Charity

Third Sector: Charity Futures CEO Sir Stephen Bubb is in negotiations with the University of Oxford to set up an Institute for Philanthropy and Charity.

Fears For International Philanthropy Rise as Foreign Donations Bill Looms

Pro Bono News: Comments from the special minister of state confirming the government’s intention to ban charities from receiving foreign donations have ramped up fears from the charity sector that the proposed foreign donations bill could shut the door on overseas philanthropy.

To Be a Better Philanthropist, Think Like a Poker Player

Big Think: Raising money for charity is one thing. Knowing where to give it is another. When some charities are 100 times more effective than others, a world champion poker player knows how to spot who’s bluffing.

Almost Grown: Where Now for Impact Investment?

Pioneers Post: Billions of dollars are now invested worldwide to create social impact as well as financial return. But with powerful new players such as Goldman Sachs and the Ford Foundation striding into this maturing market, will the sector’s original values be lost? María Raurell, a consultant with social value experts Stone Soup Consulting, considers the way forward.

Charities Encouraged to Take Advantage of Product Philanthropy

Pro Bono News: Product philanthropy has the potential to unlock a new economy, but while corporations are engaging in the model many charities are not getting involved, according to the founder of Good360.

Philanthropy Is Politics — Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Different

Forbes: Philanthropists and the charities that they fund will deny it as much as possible but it is true: philanthropy is politics.

Meet the Chinese billionairess who donated $200 million… to save big cats

The Telegraph: In Monaco’s prestigious yacht club, something big is going down. Tom Kaplan, billionaire philanthropist and co-founder of Panthera, an organisation devoted to the preservation of the world’s 40 species of wild cats, is making a speech. He’s introducing someone who he says is one of the most spectacular humans he has ever met; a woman who will become ‘the most important force for wildlife preservation in the world today’.

Globalizing Philanthropy

Stanford Social Innovation Review: At a time of rising nationalism and cutbacks in foreign aid in countries around the world, philanthropists play a critical role, not just in providing money, but in fostering cooperation and goodwill between people and nations.

The Impact Conversation

Value Walk: The world of high finance and ultra-high-net-worth money management are seldom spoken in conjunction with ways in which we can make our world a better place to live.  Much more frequently, in fact, the two topics require a full-stop and pivot in conversation before one is transitioned to the other.

The Case for Impact Investing by Small and Mid-Size Family Foundations

Stanford Social Innovation Review: There is opportunity for private family foundations of all sizes, including small and mid-size foundations, to bring impact investing—particularly through program-related investments—more fully into their portfolios.

Australia’s 50 Richest People

Forbes: Gina Rinehart is No. 1 and some of our great philanthropists are on the list.

Susan Pascoe Appointed President of ACFID

Pro Bono News: The former head of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission has been elected as president of the nation’s peak-body for aid and international development non-governmental organisations.

Innovating Philanthropy

Stanford Social Innovation Review: A new generation of wealth is making a difference using powerful technology, inventing new financial models to better leverage capital, and rigorously focusing on getting proven results.

Most Powerful Women In Philanthropy And Nonprofits 2017 (USA)

Forbes: Melinda Gates is number one and a surprising number of women philanthropy leaders are no longer in power.

Entrepreneurs Honoured at EY Entrepreneur of The Year Awards

The Sydney Morning Herald: Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, the founder of Top Blokes, won social entrepreneur of the year.

For Bezos, Now World’s Richest, Philanthropy Is ‘Saved for Later’

Bloomberg: Amazon’s founder wants to change the world, but he’s still deciding on his approach to giving.

Why Businesses Should Balance Profits And Philanthropy

Forbes: The adage “do the right thing” doesn’t only apply to individuals who advocate for social change; it can also apply to running a business that has the vision to create social impact.

Charities hit back amid fears of government ban on foreign donations

The Sydney Morning Herald: Charities would be prevented from advocating for society’s most vulnerable and campaigning on issues critical to the public good under what they fear is a federal government plan to ban foreign donations to the sector.

Millionaire philanthropists launch a blistering attack on the Australia Council

The Sydney Morning Herald: Two of Australia’s leading arts donors have launched an attack on the federal government’s arts funding agency, accusing it of “outrageous behaviour” and lacking the skills to represent artists.

China’s Billionaires Could Be a Game Changer in Conservation Funding

Inside Philanthropy: With its rise in private wealth, China has a growing population of billionaire philanthropists. One such donor just committed $20 million to big cats, with plans ultimately to give $1.5 billion.

Charity Reporting Regime – Not A Level Playing Field

Pro Bono News: The Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) has weighed in on the complexity of the financial reporting regime for Australian charities in a new report, describing it as “overly complex and inconsistent” and saying it “fails to promote the sector’s accountability or efficiency”.

Why Impact Investing Funds Need To Invest In Creativity

Fast Company: With an unmistakable need for more creative solutions to global problems, we should be looking to the artists, designers, innovators, and storytellers now more than ever.

Could this 10-year-old fix Pakistan’s waste problem?

BBC News: Zymal Umer, 10, sighs as she takes in the view of a makeshift rubbish dump on the outskirts of her hometown Sargodha in Punjab, Pakistan. But could the girl dubbed the country’s “youngest social entrepreneur” by many have a solution?

Forget capitalism – profit will soon be a dirty word

The Times: Sir Ronald Cohen has swapped private equity for social investment.

Collaboration is Key. Why Three of Europe’s Largest Funders Have Joined Forces

Inside Philanthropy: There’s growing agreement that achieving real progress in the face of society’s most persistent and complex global health and development challenges will require collaborative solutions that involve multiple actors from multiple sectors. Nonprofits and grantmakers alike must put aside their sometimes narrow organisational agendas and focus on the bigger picture.

Impressions from the 2017 National Community Foundations Forum

Alliance Magazine: This year’s theme explored the SMIRF capital of Community Foundations; the premise that meaningful change is achieved when Community Foundations leverage all forms of their capital; Social, Moral, Intellectual, Reputational as well as Financial Observations from Catherine Brown, Natalie Egleton, Jane Jose, Ben Rodgers, Hannah Fitch-Rabbit and Sarah Matthee.

Young Changemakers Reach for the Stars

Pro Bono News: A NASA astronaut has been giving advice to the next generation of Australian changemakers at a celebration recognising young trailblazers who are leading and creating social change in communities, industry and public life, across this country and beyond.

Extremist: What the Right’s Most Influential Philanthropist Really Thinks

Inside Philanthropy: Hedge fund executive Robert Mercer has lately been the most influential mega-donor on the right. Mercer and his daughter Rebekah have gotten a lot of attention for the critical role they’ve played in helping elect Donald Trump and also underwriting Steve Bannon’s activities.

Giving Billions Away as Fast as they Can

The New York Times: A new cop of ultra-wealthy have eclipsed the old guard of philanthropic titans.

Movember, ice buckets, fun runs and ‘dry’ months: why philanthropy of the body is all the rage

The Conversation: Social media is now a major driver of embodied philanthropy because it allows individuals to publicise their involvement through selfies, videos and status updates.

Philanthropy: environmental causes at the back of the queue

Financial Times: Meet Tom Steyer, the billionaire activist advancing the battle against climate change

Inclusion or Illusion? A Look At Google’s $1 Billion Philanthropic Game Plan

Inside Philanthropy: CEO Sundar Pichai recently illuminated the company’s philanthropic game plan and set a bold target: $1 billion in nonprofit grants over the next five years centered on education, economic opportunity, and inclusion.

New Authority to Oversee Fundraising Code

Pro Bono News: A new independent authority has been established to help raise the bar for fundraisers around best practice and ethical conduct.

Avoiding the Neoliberal Trap in Social Entrepreneurship

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Seven lessons for walking the tight rope between social welfare and business.

To Change the System, First Change the People

Stanford Social Innovation Review: At the Bush Foundation, grantmakers use an analytical approach to identify the right people who can make a difference, and supply them with the tools, connections, and inspiration they need.

George Soros Transfers $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations

The New York Times: One of the largest transfers of wealth ever made by a private donor to a single foundation.

Australians are giving less to charity. Here’s Why.

The Sydney Morning Herald: Here are five trends in Australia’s giving to charity revealed by the ATO’s latest assessment.

Giving to charity makes everyone happier, especially when women lead or participate in family decisions

IUPI: A report from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute explores how gender roles, household income and other factors influence the joy of giving.

Philanthropy’s Missing Trillions

Stanford Social Innovation Review: A demographic wave could soon funnel unprecedented dollars into philanthropy, but few nonprofits are poised to take advantage of the largest wealth transfer in human history.

Chinese Philanthropist to Commit $1.5 Billion to Conservation

Philanthropy News Digest: Beijing-based philanthropist He Qiaonv has announced a ten-year, $20 million commitment to Panthera and WildCRU, Oxford University’s conservation research unit, the initial down payment on her pledge to spend $1.5 billion in support of wildlife conservation.

How The Giving Habits Of The Super Rich Are Changing

Forbes: In the past, the wealthy turned their attention to philanthropic giving only as retirement approached. But that has been changing in recent years, as the ultra-wealthy have been starting their philanthropy at younger and younger ages and paying ever-closer attention to the enterprise of giving.

Sir Bob Geldof calls for philanthropy embrace amid ‘fragile’ world

The West Australian: Political activist and musician Sir Bob Geldof has urged business to embrace philanthropy as a way of coping in a “fractious” and “fearful” world.

UQ gets serious about philanthropy

The Australian: A big new philanthropy project is in bloom.

Australian Gift Deductions Take a Great Leap Forward

Pro Bono News: Australians are claiming their charitable gifts in tax returns more than ever with a total of $3.1 billion donated in the 2014-15 tax year – delivering a 15 per cent increase, according to new research which has described the result as a “great leap forward”.

Social Media Stars Could Help Fund The World’s Best Investment

Forbes: ONE Campaign, the advocacy group that primarily works on poverty, is trying to create the world’s longest video in the cause of girls’ education, which is, judged by impact, possibly the world’s best investment.

Churchill Fellowship Explores Giving to Women

Pro bono News: A recipient of this year’s Churchill Fellowships, Julie Reilly, CEO of Women Donors Network, is looking to the world stage to increase giving to women and girls in Australia.

New initiatives put regional health security at the forefront of Australian aid priorities

Devex: At the the 68th session of the World Health Organization Regional Committee for the Western Pacific in Brisbane, a newly announced program places regional health security as a priority for the Australian aid program — and has opened the door to new funding opportunities for the development sector.

Keeping Up: Philanthropy In an Era of Sweeping Social Movements

Inside Philanthropy: With crises erupting regularly under Trump and technology accelerating organizing, we’re in a rapidly changing era of social movements. Can philanthropy keep up? Yes, if it makes some changes.

Ethical and socially responsible investing: A real force for change or just a gimmick?

The Sydney Morning Herald: When companies claim to be “socially responsible” or “ethically responsible” while simultaneously hurting their staff and customers, the media and public are rightly sceptical.

Tencent Rally Adds Billions to Chairman’s Philanthropy Pile

Forbes: The ascent of Tencent’s shares in the past year is also notably adding to the already-large resources Chairman Ma Huateng has committed to philanthropy, and underscores China’s rising influence in the world of giving.

Charity begins at work for new breed of philanthropic firms

The Australian: “I think CEOs need to stand for more than just financial results,’’ says JB Hi-Fi chief executive Richard Murray.

Chinese and Chinese-American billionaires’ philanthropy rising at ‘astounding’ rate

South China Morning Post: In China, the number of registered charitable foundations surged 430 per cent from 2006 to 2016 to 5,545. In the US, the number of Chinese-American foundations saw a similar increase, jumping 418 per cent from 2000 to 2014 to nearly 1,300. And major gifts by Chinese Americans rose nearly fivefold from 2008 to 2014.

Talking About Ethics in Impact Investing

Stanford Social Innovation Review: To make the best and most consistent decisions, impact investors need to think about values as much as they think about growth and financial returns.

Justice, not just money, should drive fairer land rights – top US philanthropist

Thomson Reuters Foundation News: While efforts to secure land rights for some of the world’s most vulnerable people are commendable, deeper thinking about the roots of inequality is needed to bring about lasting change, says the head the Ford Foundation.

Why ethical investing across the generations matters

The Herald: Many active fund managers are now systematically looking at environmental, social and governance factors as part of their investment analysis and process.

How to tell if a company is really doing good

The Sydney Morning Herald: Certification as a B Corp separates “good companies” from good marketing.

The Myth of Women’s ‘Empowerment’

The New York Times: The concept of women’s empowerment needs an immediate and urgent rescue from the clutches of the would-be saviours.

Effective philanthropy: Am I getting better?

Forbes India: The first thing you must do in philanthropy is to define the big goal, and write it down on a piece of paper for absolute clarity,” Zarina Screwvala says.

Banking Against Urban Poverty: Inside JPMorgan Chase Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy: The once sleepy world of corporate philanthropy has been perking up lately. An older model of giving—which often involved cutting lots of checks to local charities without asking many questions—is giving way to a more focused and strategic approach. A case in point is JPMorgan Chase, which has dramatically shifted its giving over recent years.

Inside Alwaleed Philanthropies’ new global strategy

Devex: After nearly four decades as a funding organization, one of the world’s largest private foundations, Saudi Arabia-based Alwaleed Philanthropies, is pivoting toward a new strategy that could significantly boost its influence on global programming.

Fortress Mentality: Which Funders Are Working Against Immigration?

Inside Philanthropy: Despite delays on Trump’s border wall and his back-and-forth rhetoric on the Dreamers, these are heady times for those who oppose newcomers to this country, or at least the “wrong kinds” of newcomers.

Besen Foundation Appoints New CEO

Pro Bono News: The Besen Family Foundation has appointed former philanthropic fund manager from trustee services company Equity Trustees Tabitha Lovett as its new chief executive officer.

Philanthropists Called to Finance $3 Million Abortion Fund For Disadvantaged Women

Pro Bono News: Marie Stopes Australia is looking for “brave philanthropists” to finance a $3 million abortion and contraceptive fund for disadvantaged women, as they call for uniform abortion access across the country.

How proposed changes to Australia’s political donations threaten NGOs

Devex: Australian-operated INGOs fear that a current government inquiry into political donations could threaten their ability to receive overseas funding, cutting an estimated 137 million Australian dollars ($108 million) — or 7 percent — from annual funding and impacting their work worldwide.

The Wonderful World of Mini-Grants: Who’s Giving Them and Why?

Inside Philanthropy: Mini-grants, which are often in the range of $250 to $2,500, have an important place in institutional philanthropy, even though you don’t hear much about them.

Mark Zuckerberg wanted Facebook employees to work on CZI but was shot down by senior execs

Business Insider: The execs thought entangling the two organisations would be a big mistake.

What is Leonardo Di Caprio Funding?

Inside Philanthropy: $20 million to wildlife, conservation, climate and an Indigenous Rights program.

Thankyou Turns a New Chapter

Pro Bono News: Thankyou cofounder Daniel Flynn on success of Chapter One and what the future might hold for the social enterprise, as his unconventional first-hand account of how the organisation got started sells 100,000 copies at a pay-what-you-want price.

5 ways foundations can step up to scale solutions to critical problems

Devex: Many discussions about scale often focus on what NGOs or social entrepreneurs should do. But this week a group of foundations turned the lens on themselves.

As Mark Zuckerberg Sells His Facebook Stock Get Ready for Bigger Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy: CZI is looking at an infusion that will range between $6 billion and $12 billion. And that’s just the down payment with which CZI intends to pursue change in three ways: traditional grantmaking, investments in for-profit social enterprises, and advocacy.

Can we consume our way to a better society?

The Spinoff: The rise of social enterprise in recent years can be seen as an attempt by capitalism to self-medicate.

In Stressful Times, these Funders See Hope in Intersectionality

Inside Philanthropy: Working across boundaries has suddenly gone from being a nice idea to a strategy for survival.

Philanthropists pledge millions for better U.N. data on women

Reuters: Philanthropists pledged millions of dollars to fund UN data gathering, saying it was vital to learn more about the world’s women to tackle the poverty that disproportionately affects them.

How Parks Lose Their Playfulness

The New York Times: Due to philanthropists’ taste for order.

Facebook drops plan to restructure voting shares to fund philanthropy

CNET: Zuckerberg said he’s still committed to his philanthropic efforts, but will fund it without the stock change.

Social enterprises lead the way in inclusive employment

Pioneers Post: 44% of social enterprises seek to employ individuals from disadvantaged groups, according to a UK report.

Understanding the different giving habits of Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials

Fast Company: Understanding the different giving habits of Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials.

Warren Buffett Reveals His Pick For Greatest Living Business Mind

Forbes: Buffet reveals the people who have left the greatest impression on him—personally, business-wise and in the philanthropic world.

Music Festivals Are the New Faces of Activism and Philanthropy

Everfest Magazine: Music Festivals Are the New Faces of Activism and Philanthropy

Lord Sainsbury: This is why I believe in the welfare state. Certain things should be a right

The Guardian: As his Gatsby Charitable Foundation reaches 50, the businessman and benefactor says that philanthropy is no substitute for benefits.

MacArthur Foundation narrows down finalists for $100M philanthropy grant

CBS News: 100&Change competition has promised $100 million over up to six years to a group that comes up with the “best idea to improve humanity.

Treasurer Scott Morrison backs market to drive social service delivery

AFR: Treasurer Scott Morrison says a new social impact investment fund managed by Social Ventures Australia will help drive better social services delivery, as market disciplines help break addiction to government grants.

Into the Battle: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Steps up its Advocacy Giving

Inside Philanthropy: $24 million in gifts to influence public policy on several controversial issues, starting with criminal justice.

Obituary: Lady Fairfax

The Australian: Lady (Mary) Fairfax was one of a kind. A socialite, businesswoman and philanthropist who played a stellar role in the power struggle that ended family control over Australia’s oldest media empire.

In the blood

The Australian: Giving has long been in the DNA of some of Australia’s wealthiest families. Now the next generation is bringing a sharpened focus on outcomes.

‘If not now, when?’

The Australian: Katherine Keating is doing philanthropy her way, one of many Australians who are transforming the way we give and receive.

Levi Strauss Foundation Head Says SSM Survey a “Mission Moment” for Philanthropy

Pro Bono News: The visiting executive director of the Levi Strauss Foundation, Daniel Lee, has said the upcoming postal survey on same-sex marriage is a “momentous occasion” for the philanthropic sector to advocate for the rights of LGBT citizens.

As Wealthy Millennials Take Control Of Family Fortunes, Impact Investing Is Set For A Big Boost

Fast Company: More than a quarter of ultra-net-worth “family offices” are now putting money into social and environmental areas–and that number is rising.

The Creative: Janne Ryan, founder, Creative Music Fund

The Australian: Creative Music Fund is an entry point for cultural philanthropists, a philanthropy brand pioneering creative partnerships and philanthropy leadership.

The deals the government made to get media reforms across the line

Mumbrella: A $10m scheme for cadet journalists, a $50m media innovation fund and $12m to support community radio stations are the main ticket items.

‘Make the money more efficient’

The Australian: Wesfarmers CEO Richard Goyder says we need to reform a system of health and medical research that works against the sharing of data.

Bill and Melinda Gates: Let’s Keep Investing in the World’s Poor

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. foreign aid has helped developing countries make huge progress against disease and poverty—and this is no time to reverse course.

The patterns of philanthropy are changing – which is good news for some, not so good news for others.

The Australian: The patterns of philanthropy are changing – which is good news for some, not so good news for others.

Impact investing database hopes to increase sector’s pulling power

AFR: The Impact Investing Hub’s deal library will list impact investing deals open to investments to raise awareness of the sector and connect people in it.

Marketing a powerful tool for philanthropy

The Australian: As philanthropists consider their options regarding what social needs to support, or continue to support, the more successful not-for-profits use marketing to help them decide.

Adelaide philanthropist Ulrike Klein has almost finalised her $6.1 million Guadagnini project

The Advertiser: Sceptics warned she couldn’t do it, but determined music lover Ulrike Klein has managed to raise more than six million dollars in eight years for a unique set of rare quartet instruments.

13 Options For Baking Philanthropy Into Your Corporate Culture

HuffPost: Here are 13 ways your company can make philanthropy a part of your culture.

Four Generations of Philanthropy behind BU’s Largest Gift

BU Today: Alum and trustee Rajen Kilachand gives $115 million for interdisciplinary research.

Winners of Third Sector Awards Announced

Centre for Social Impact: ACNC Commissioner Susan Pascoe AM and TFN CEO Lisa Cotton were among the winners of the annual awards celebrating leadership with purpose and best practice in Australia’s not-for-profit sector.

Greens think Australian taxpayers should help fund New York Times, other multinational media organisations

SMH: Australian taxpayers should subsidise multinational media companies by extending a fund designed to support regional publishers to the New York Times, Buzzfeed and The Guardian, the Greens say.

Does Big Philanthropy Threaten Democracy?

Inside Philanthropy: A dialogue on The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age.

More Australians Are Giving Time Not Money

Pro Bono News: More Australian’s are giving their time but not their money, according to two new reports released at the Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit.

Data Sheet—Talking With Tim Cook About Apple as a Force for Good

Fortune: If ever a company was self-consciously focused on changing the world, it is Apple.

Boosting Philanthropy For A Stronger Australia

Pro Bono News: Boosting philanthropy is a fundamental part of building a stronger Australia, Labor MP Andrew Leigh has told audiences at the Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit, in a speech calling for greater support of the ACNC and addressing the need to fix fundraising.

Business philanthropy reached $17.5 billion in 2015-2016

Giving Australia 2016: New findings released on business and individual giving and volunteering.

Philanthropy important when the public interest often has few friends

The Age: Philanthropy is increasingly meeting parliament in ways that are less comfortable, says Chief Executive of the Grattan Institute John Daley.

Donors of Chinese descent vastly increase philanthropy, mostly to higher education

LA Times: Major philanthropic gifts by Chinese Americans have surged nearly fivefold to almost $500 million in recent years, with most of the money going to higher education.

Australia Drops in World Giving Index

Pro Bono News: Australia has fallen out of the top five most generous countries for the first time – falling three places to sixth, behind Myanmar, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand and the USA, according to the latest global giving index.

A legacy of £8,922 is still giving after 60 years

Arts Hub: A one-off endowment has grown to become Australia’s richest and proudest literary award, the Miles Franklin Award.

Cannabis boom not so certain as philanthropist lobbies for cheap imports

AFR: Founder of the Count financial advisory group, Barry Lambert, gave $33.7 million in funding for research at Sydney University into medicinal cannabis trials and is campaigning or reform of Australia’s nascent medicinal cannabis laws.

Tech entrepreneur Steve Killelea raises $20m to step up philanthropy

AFR: Steve Killelea’s $20 million sell down of 6.6 million shares in software group Integrated Research marks another turning pointing in the remarkable life of Australia’s least well know philanthropist.

Philanthropic people powering the State Library of Victoria

The Australian: Paul Little and Jane Hansen have confirmed their status as one of Australia’s emerging philanthropy power couples with a $3.5 million donation towards the refurbishment of the State Library of Victoria.

Political donations: Charities fear ‘unintended consequences’ of new rules

SMH: The charity sector is in a last-ditch effort to shield itself from the Turnbull government’s planned crackdown on foreign political influence, amid concerns charities will be caught up in the donations ban.

Marriage equality: lots of support but little funding from corporate Australia

The Guardian: The Equality Campaign is backed by 600 companies but is yet to receive any big donations from them to push its yes case.

How the two best UBS bankers ended up working for kids in poverty

AFR: They have donated their services to Adara Partners which will charge Macquarie Atlas Roads and then donate the advisory fees to fund health and education services for women, children and communities living in poverty.

Philanthropy Grows by Leaps and Bounds

The Australian: The support base of the nation’s largest performing arts companies continues to evolve, with a dramatic increase in the number of households giving to arts companies and sluggish growth in corporate sponsorships.

The Guardian Sets Up a Nonprofit to Support Its Journalism

The New York Times: The Guardian is embracing a new moneymaking strategy in the face of industrywide revenue problems: philanthropy.

How Mastercard’s “Data Philanthropy” Program Is Tackling The Global Financial Information Gap

Fast Company: Mastercard is using its transaction data to help nonprofits, governments, and private companies understand how to achieve great financial inclusion in the developing world.

What Steven Spielberg’s Righteous Persons Foundation is Doing to Fight Hate

Inside Philanthropy: Since 1992 Spielberg’s foundation has funded anti-hate initiatives to the tune of over $100 million.

The Dying Words of a Billionaire Dad

Herald Sun: A look at one of Australia’s most generous billionaires, Anthony Pratt.

Anthony Pratt: ‘I want to give away $1 billion’ to help Australians

Herald Sun: The Melbourne-based paper and recycling magnate will follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s wealthiest people by distributing the cash to worthy charities within his lifetime.

Foundations Should Collaborate to Test AI for Philanthropy

Third Sector: The chief executive of Nesta calls for constructive engagement from funders to open data and relieve the burden on applicants.

Lessons in Giving from the Global South

Philanthropy Age: Diverse and innovative philanthropy is going on under the radar all over the world.

These super-rich families are investing their fortunes to help others

CNN Money: “No amount of philanthropy or foreign aid will solve the problems the world faces. We need to use businesses and capital markets.”

Newman’s Own Foundation Celebrates 35 Years of Giving

Broadway World: The first bottle of salad dressing shipped on August 25, 1982. In recognition of 35 years of giving it all away, Newman’s Own Foundation announced that it will award grants of $35,000 to 15 of the nonprofit organisations that were originally funded.

Magic childhood moment that inspired Diana Ramsay to donate $80m to art

The Advertiser: Mrs Ramsay, 91, who died peacefully on Sunday, was one of SA’s most generous benefactors, donating an estimated $80 million to projects that ranged from the art gallery, the Australian Ballet, the Australian National Gallery, the Adelaide Youth orchestra, the Helpmann academy and more.

Basic Science Funders Ask, “How Do We Know if Our Giving is Working?

Inside Philanthropy: The challenges and pitfalls of funding important but often meandering work in the field of science.

How the Heirs to a Vast Hedge Fund Fortune Are Giving Big on Climate Change

Inside Philanthropy: The patriarch of the Simons clan is best known for his math chops and science philanthropy. But heirs Nat and Liz Simons are taking the family’s hedge fund fortune a different direction with some serious climate giving.

The Charity That Big Tech Built

Stanford Social Innovation Review: The Silicon Valley Community Foundation has grown to become one of the world’s most well-funded foundations. But who in the Valley benefits from this largesse?

Comic and philanthropist Jerry Lewis dies at 91

The New York Times: Hollywood icon Jerry Lewis raised vast sums for muscular dystrophy.

The Catholic Church Dabbles with Impact Investing

The Economist: Some worry it might sully its charitable aims.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Donates Nearly $100 Million

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Sandberg gave 590,000 shares of Facebook stock valued at $98 million to charity on July 31, according to a Security and Exchange Commission document filed Thursday.

Impact Investing: Marginalized Returns

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Impact investing has been seduced by a false narrative of combining social impact with financial gains.

In Defense of Perpetuity

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Limited-life foundations are currently all the rage, but Joel Fleishman’s book Putting Wealth to Work: Philanthropy for Today or Investing for Tomorrow? reminds us that perpetual, endowed foundations are in many cases preferable.

Bill Gates Adds $4.6 Billion to Foundation Endowment

The Chronicle of Philanthropy: In his largest donation since 2000, Bill Gates transferred that much in Microsoft stock. It is expected to go to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Equity Trustees Role Fits Jeff Kennett’s Philanthropic Passion

The Australian: Equity Trustees is counting on Jeff Kennett to help drive the company’s next stage of growth.

Call to Exempt Charities from International Philanthropy Ban

Pro Bono News: A consortia led by the Australian Council for International Development, Philanthropy Australia and the Community Council for Australia is against the proposed government ban saying, “International philanthropy complements Australian philanthropy’s support for charities, and makes an important contribution to Australian communities.”

Cerebral Palsy Alliance announced as Macquarie’s $100,000 Social Innovation Award recipient

4-Traders: Cerebral Palsy Alliance will use the $100,000 Award to fund its ‘Remarkable Accelerator Program’, which provides seed funding and support to disruptive early stage start-ups.

A Conversation with Philanthropist Lowell Milken

The Line: US philanthropist Lowell Milken is one of the most generous and effective education reformers of his time.

Even for Philanthropists, Museums Can Make Art a Tough Give

The New York Times: Most collectors struggle to donate their art, even valuable art, to museums.

Companies Targeting Environmental Goals Get Fat Investments from Millennials

Environmental Leader: 61% of Millennials have taken at least one sustainability oriented investment action in the last year, a Morgan Stanley report found.

Is BEAM the future of philanthropy?

HuffPost: “BEAM bridges the online and offline worlds to give millennials and younger people a simple, fully integrated way to use their voices for positive change.”

Set a new table, create a “safe zone” for effective family philanthropy

The Denver Post: Multigenerational family philanthropy creates a unique opportunity for every family to set a new table.

Millennials are driving a $9 trillion change in investing in the US

Business Insider: Millennials aren’t just eating avocado toast and snapchatting, they’re also driving the growth of a $US9 trillion market on Wall Street: sustainable investing.

Gender Lens Investing: Why the Opportunities Are Growing

Knoweldge@Wharton: Gender lens investing — using capital to alleviate the economic plight of women and girls — is gaining steam.

Sustainability Managers Could Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution

SSIR: Corporate sustainability leaders can turn challenges into opportunities for society and companies alike.

Is Your Nonprofit Built for Sustained Innovation?

SSIR: Six useful starting points for nonprofits that want to build their capacity to continuously innovate.

Uniqlo chief Yanai makes 2017 Asia Game Changers list for ‘making philanthropy fashionable’

The Japan Times: Uniqlo has donated 20 million articles of clothing to refugees in a total of 62 countries and regions.

A ‘human swarm’ figured out where Jeff Bezos should donate his money

Business Insider: An artificial intelligence platform using a method inspired by how bees swarm decided Bezos should go with universal access to clean drinking water.

Govt Releases Social Impact Investment Principles

Pro Bono News: The Turnbull Government has announced a set of principles to help develop Australia’s Social Impact Investing market.

Soccer Players Launch A Plan To Pledge 1% Of Their Salaries To Charity

Fast Company: Juan Mata, a midfielder for Manchester United, certainly thinks it’s time the players gave up a little of their paycheck – 1% of their annual salary to soccer-related charities around planet.

Inside The Growing Business Trend Of Giving All Your Profits Away

Fast Company: Newman’s Own pioneered the idea of a philanthropic enterprise. Now, it’s helping to coalesce a new movement.

Hollywood Foreign Press Gives Back – thanks to Meryl Streep

Variety: At the Golden Globes ceremony, the screen legend made a pointed reference to her hosts, requesting “the famously well-heeled Hollywood Foreign Press, and all of us in our community, to join me in supporting the Committee to Protect Journalists.”

Small Business Today, Social Enterprise Tomorrow

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Communities and the social sector both stand to gain when nonprofits acquire existing for-profits.

Variety’s 2017 Philanthropist of the Year John Paul DeJoria Shares ‘Good Fortune’

Variety: “People say you give away all these millions, but I don’t give them away. I invest it, in people,” he says. “I don’t mean I get the money back, but our planet will. We have to take care of one another. And that’s what we do.”

A Big Hurdle Do-Good Companies Face

The Conversation: It seems people don’t think companies can make a profit and support a social cause at the same time.

Social Entrepreneurship’s Mind Trap

Nonprofit Quarterly: The fictionalised narrative of the social entrepreneur as a lone ranger needs to be disrupted and problematised.

Nonprofits adapt to the millennial way of charitable giving

The Hour: A growing contingent of millennials are engaged in philanthropic activity by donating time, money, expertise or through impact investing.

How One Foundation Is Flipping the Paradigm on Social Change

Knowledge@Wharton: A philanthropist on gender lens investing and the creative use of philanthropic  capital.

John Wylie Sets Up Advisory Service for Charities

AFR: Wylie has recruited former BHP staffer Tom Forde to head up Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors, a pro-bono independent advisory service.

Ex-Westpac CEO Gail Kelly gives UNSW $1 million for a new scholarship scheme

AFR: The Gail Kelly Global Leaders Scholarship will fund in perpetuity a student exchange program between UNSW and the University of Cape Town, where Kelly studied.

‘Change or die’: aid charities told to stop competing for funds or face extinction

The Guardian: As global power and resources shift away from traditional bastions, researchers warn major aid organisations will be sidelined by 2030 unless they change tack

Study Reveals Wastage and Pressure on Australia’s Grants Industry

Pro Bono News: Research into Australia’s $26 billion grants industry has revealed significant time wasted on abandoned grant applications, large organisations increasingly scooping up small grants, and pressure on local government to provide more money.

Collective Giving Groups Attracting Australians to Alternative Fundraising 

The Sydney Morning Herald: “We call it social contagion,” says Lisa Cotton, chief executive of The Funding Network, Australia’s largest and most active collective giving group.

How Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Briefly the World’s Richest Person, Spends His Cash

Wired: He lags far behind his tech billionaire brethren in terms of philanthropy.

Inside a Philanthropist’s Summer Home

Daily Mail: Billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller’s summer estate hits the market for $19million, with all proceeds going to charity.

Jeff Bezos is Now the World’s Richest Person — and He Could Redefine Philanthropy

Business Insider: The new distinction could fuel Bezos’ interest in furthering human progress through for-profit companies.

Building a Financially Sustainable Social Enterprise in Emerging Markets

SSIR: Six lessons on achieving financial independence in a resource-constrained era.

How Philanthropic Dynasties are Exerting their Power over US Policy

The Guardian: Is it right that US billionaires are creating foundations to confer power and privilege on to future generations?

What Influences American Giving?

The Conversation: Concerns about the political climate have resulted in a surge of donations, but will it last?

Responsible Investors Deliver Bumper Returns in Australian Equities

AFR: “Ten years ago there was just $12 billion invested in this manner and today there is $622 billion.”

Building Capacity in Our Philanthropic Sector

SRQ Magazine: Today’s donors expect involvement in how their dollars get expended, a major shift from decades past.

Give, For the Love of Sport

The Weekend Australia: The Australian Sports Foundation has been doing extensive work on the psychology of what drives arts benefactors, as donations to sport are just an eighth the size of those given to traditional philanthropic causes.

The Ethical Argument Against Philanthropy

Quartz: Stanford University academic says big philanthropy is “the odd encouragement of a plutocratic voice in a democratic society”.

Ethical Funds are Undergoing a Major Overhaul to Cater to Millennials

This is Money: Funds need to reflect the priorities of a new generation, but what are those priorities?

How Responsible Investing Can Appeal to Rebels

Institutional Investor: But if current trends continue, responsible investing won’t be an act of rebellion for very long.

Bond to Funnel Benefits to Women

The Phnom Penh Post: The Women’s Livelihood Bond, the first-ever social sustainability bond, will provide nearly half a million women in Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines with more access to credit to improve their livelihoods.

How Nonprofits Can Drive Healthy Growth Using SROI

Social return on investment is an underutilised yet surprisingly flexible tool for making strong resource allocation decisions that maximise nonprofit impact.

Philanthropy Gets Behind Connecting Aboriginal Children With Extended Families

Pro Bono News: Gandel Philanthropy and Sidney Myer Fund have partnered with leading Victorian childcare agencies for a pilot program.

Grants Help Young People Make Memories

How a women’s giving circle is giving children in its community experiences they will remember for a lifetime.

Super Fund Makes Social Impact Investment In Village For Those Living With Dementia

Financial Standard: An Australian-first suburban village designed to recreate real life experiences for those living with dementia has been given a $19 million kick-start by an industry superannuation fund.

Building a Portfolio of Companies that Make the World a Better Place

Nasdaq: Because 71% of investors (and a lot more millennials) are interested in impact investing.

How Social Entrepreneurs Can Prove Themselves to Investors

Entrepreneur: The Australian-educated founder of Siam Organic, which aims to help solve farmers’ poverty in Thailand, shares the secrets to his success.

The Rise and Rise of Celebrity Philanthropy

Forbes: The benefits of aligning with celebrities can be tremendous and there are basically three levels of strategic alliances between celebrities and charities.

Former White House Staffer’s Advice On Starting A Social Business

HuffPost UK: “People don’t want to work in companies that don’t have a social impact,” says former White House Social Innovation Director.

Giving Your Genius: A New Approach to Corporate Philanthropy

Stanford Social Innovation Review: When companies deploy the same processes they use to create commercial value to create philanthropic value, they can truly help charities achieve their social missions.

Learning to Bridge a Generation Gap in Philanthropy

The New York Times: How to pass the philanthropic baton.

Building the Australian Social Benefit Bond Market

Investment Magazine: As the global market for social impact bonds gathers steam, local experiments are demonstrating the potential of these innovative finance structures.

Clarifying Your Philanthropic Purpose

Philanthropy Roundtable: Too often philanthropists lean on people’s altruism or good intentions to interpret what they meant when they defined their mission.

Refugees are Helping Others in their Situation as Social Entrepreneurs

The Conversation: Refugee Talent is a digital matching platform to assist refugees in finding work in Australia.

Philanthropy: Anti-Democratic and Proud of It?

LinkedIn: Difficult questions about the role of philanthropy in a democracy.

Adelaide Needs a Rich Philanthropist like David Walsh

The Advertiser: Opinion Editor Colin James says one option involves displaying the state’s huge collection of Aboriginal art and artefacts held by the SA Museum — mostly unseen in basements or warehouses.

GSG Honours in Impact Investing Announced

Winners include Christian Super, a small Australian Fund managing $1.3 billion on behalf of 25,000 members with a big commitment to social impact

UBS Raises $325 Million for Bono-backed Impact Investment Fund

The Rise Fund, which counts Irish rock star Bono among its co-founders, aims to achieve “measurable, positive social and environmental outcomes alongside competitive financial returns”.

How To Choose The Right Philanthropic Advisor

Forbes: Six characteristics of a good philanthropic advisor.

How a Philanthropist Combines Running and Giving

The South China Morning Post: For Head of Esquel-Y.L. Yang Education Foundation Agnes Chen, running is the thread that stitches all her efforts together.

Private Funding of Arts Shows Healthy Growth

The Australian: Donations and sponsorships were worth between $268.5m and $279.8m in 2015-16.

Strategic Philanthropy: Seven Lessons from Seven Years

The Denver Post: How to achieve greater impact through philanthropy.

New Zealanders Give Almost $3 Billion Annually

Stuff: Kiwis are a generous bunch but rarely talk about it.

Hong Kong Government Taps Charities to Solve Public Housing Crisis

The South China Morning Post: Under the proposed scheme, the government would help line up charities to fund the conversion of flats into partitioned units that would be managed by a non-profit organisations.

Award-Winning Philanthropists Explain the Roots of Their Giving

How the biggest philanthropists in America choose their causes.

The Case for Short-term Philanthropy Why ‘Knee-jerk’ philanthropy can be as effective as long-term missions.

Al Gore to address iAccelerate, Wollongong

Illawarra Mercury: The former US Vice-President will discuss his journey from politician to social change-maker.

How Much Do You Know About Ethical Investing?

WSJ: Take the quiz – warning it is US-centric.

Immersive Experiences, the Future of Philanthropy

The Economist: Virtual reality, augmented reality and gaming offer new frontiers for creative philanthropists, including Oscar-nominated director Kathryn Bigelow who has created a harrowing virtual reality film about elephant poaching in Africa.

World’s first social sustainability bond lists on Singapore Exchange

The Straits Times: The US$8 million Women’s Livelihood Bond provides loans to social enterprises and microfinance institutions.

Philanthropy in the USA

Charitable Advisors: Giving in the US reached $390.05 billion in 2016, according to Giving USA.

The Future of Impact Investing in Australia

Pro Bono Australia: With Australian governments supporting the development of impact investing funding options they will no doubt evolve and adapt in form, according to the director of the Centre for Social Impact Professor Paul Flatau.

The Limits of Philanthropy

The New York Times: Why philanthropy cannot and should not supplant governments’ responsibilities.

Bloomberg Looks to Cities to Improve Global Health

Inside Philanthropy: Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Partnership for Healthy Cities is a global network of cities, including Melbourne, committed to saving lives by preventing noncommunicable diseases and injuries.

Businesses Need a Higher Purpose to Attract Millennials

Pro Bono News: A visiting social entrepreneur encourages South Australia to grow purpose-based jobs to entice young talent.

Rich People’s Favourite Hobby is Philanthropy

Business Insider: More than one-third of the world’s wealthiest people prefer to pursue charitable activities over any other hobby. Sport comes in second.

Saving our Oceans with Beer and Bikinis

Smart Company: Two Queensland entrepreneurs are proving that green is the new black in the start-up world.

Seven things you probably didn’t know about Chinese philanthropy

Between 2010 and 2016, donations from the top 100 philanthropists in mainland China more than tripled to £3.6 billion. What’s behind this rise in charitable giving?

Small Businesses Embrace Philanthropy in UK According to recent survey of UK small businesses by wealth manager Kleinwort Benson, entrepreneur and business owner clients are placing much more emphasis on philanthropy and impact investing than 10 years ago.

Shared Value Added $70 Million to NAB’s Bottom Line in 2016

AFR: “We helped 25,000 customers directly and 800,000 customers were provided with some form of counselling through this program,” said National Australia Bank chairman Ken Henry of a program called NAB Assist.

Free Sanitary Products for Schools

RNZ: When they discovered that girls were not going to school because they could not afford tampons, two young social entrepreneurs decided to do something to help.

Canberrans Most Likely to Volunteer

The Canberra Times: The residents or our nation’s capital are most generous with their time, with 24 per cent volunteering in the 12 months before completing the 2016 Census.

A Funder Focuses on Photography to Drive Social Change

Inside Philanthropy: In a philanthropy space increasingly driven by social media, a picture is worth 1000 words.

Asia’s 2017 Heroes Of Philanthropy

Forbes: The list includes phianthropists who have pursued causes from training burn victims to be bakers in India to establishing a school for gifted children in Indonesia.

Is Big Philanthropy Compatible with Democracy?

The Atlantic: A Stanford professor argues that it’s largely not.

What Giving $3.5 Billion to Charity Looks Like

Business Wire: Highlights from the Fidelity Charitable Giving Report.

Shared Value – How Business is Stepping Up

The Guardian: From rising inequality to climate change, smart business models are helping share the load of finding sustainable solutions to today’s complex social challenges, leading innovators say.

Maybe Huge Philanthropic Gifts Aren’t What the World Needs

Big Think: “Funders are rarely punished for under-performing and usually don’t even know when they are: if the work that they fund helps one child but could have helped ten, that ‘opportunity cost’ is felt by the would-be beneficiaries, not by the funder.”

Philanthropy is the gift that just keeps on giving to so many

The Australian: Who are the people giving away millions and what is their mindset?

Philanthropy is funding serious journalism in the US, it could work for Australia too

The Conversation: Three key ways exist to fund the labour intensive and time consuming work of investigative journalism.

Down the Rabbit Hole? Impact Investing and Large Foundations

SSIR: Impact investing makes sense in theory, but there are good reasons, particularly for large foundations, to pause before putting a lot of resources into it.

Highlights from the Social Enterprise Conference 2017

Social Traders: 250 delegates from across Australia attended the 5th annual Social Enterprise Conference which aimed to share insights on how to turn big ideas into sustainable social impact.

Three Strategies To Integrate Philanthropy Into Your Corporate Culture

Forbes: The “business as usual” method is no longer acceptable; businesses are expected to give back to their communities.

End of the Road: Another Corporation Reboots Its Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy: These are interesting times for corporate philanthropy. An older model of charitable giving is losing traction and being replaced by a new, more comprehensive approach to advancing a social mission.

Three Secrets to Being an Effective Philanthropist

Huffington Post: The best philanthropists do more than write a cheque and move on.

Dear Jeff Bezos: Philanthropy For The ‘Right Now’ Is Not Good Enough

Forbes: The fact is society does not progress by meeting immediate needs. It progresses in the hands of visionaries and movement builders and social entrepreneurs with transformative ideas that seem impossible at the start.

Jeff Bezos might become the world’s richest person — and he could redefine philanthropy

Business Insider: Bezos’ interest in furthering human progress through for-profit companies could shift how the world’s wealthiest think about philanthropy.

“Day 1” Philanthropy Done Right – An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos

Dalberg: The key to successful philanthropy lies not just in finding good ideas, but also in executing them well.

This is What Feminist Philanthropy Looks Like

Ms: Rutgers University has announced the historic creation of the Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies—a position made possible by a three-year, $3 million campaign involving over 400 donors.

Jeff Bezos is asking the public for ideas on philanthropic giving

CNBC: Bezos posted an open call for new philanthropic projects to Twitter.

Pushing the Boundaries of Impact Investing

SSIR: Recent experimentation in global health research and development reveals how nonprofit organisations can explore and potentially attract impact investment.

One of China’s richest women hopes to keep driving culture of philanthropy

Reuters: After starting work in a hotel kitchen, Zhai Meiqin began selling furniture and built a billion-dollar conglomerate but she recently took great pride for being recognised for driving a new phenomenon in China – philanthropy.

Women’s voices ring clear in world of philanthropy

Denver Post: Women of all ages and stages of life are more generous than their male counterparts

What is social enterprise? Have your say in 1-minute

Social Change Central: Whether you believe ‘social enterprise’ is just a buzzword or have a strict definition for what it means, or if you simply don’t care… what you think is important.

Queen’s Birthday honours 2017: John Gandel salutes diversity

The Australian: In an age when terrorism has put immigration under the spotlight like never before, John Gandel is living proof of the benefits to the economy of Australia’s multicultural society.

Queen’s Birthday Honours 2017: Give something back if you can

The Australian: David Paradice, one of Australia’s hottest stock pickers, approaches his generous philanthropy in much the same way as his unique investment style — and wants to push companies to be better environmental stewards.

Queen’s Birthday honours 2017: philanthropy a fine construction

The Australian: For Josephine and Tony Sukkar, building their construction business Buildcorp and their ­passion for supporting rugby, women in sport and other philanthropic ventures has always been a joint venture.

A Billionaire Defends Modern Philanthropy

The Atlantic: The founder of LinkedIn talks about how wealthy Americans can use their money to make a difference.

When Silicon Valley execs suddenly make billions, they turn to this man to help them give it away

CNBC: In Silicon Valley, even philanthropy is hyper-competitive. Giving away part of a sudden fortune is not as easy as it sounds when the donor wants to be a hands-on philanthropist.

The future of truth: Can philanthropy help mitigate misinformation?

William & Flora Hewlett Foundation: A wide range of potential interventions have been proposed to improve the role of facts in political discourse. None of them alone would solve the problem but several together might hold promise.

Risk, Trust, and Impact: Connecting the Dots

SSIR: To promote innovation, support risk. To support risk, first build trust.

Gail Kelly appointed to Australian Philanthropic Services Board

APS: The former Westpac chief executive has been appointed to the board of Australian Philanthropic Services (APS), a not-for-profit organisation that inspires and supports effective philanthropy.

Celebrating Eve Mahlab AO

VWT: A wrap-up of the Victorian Women’s Trust’s birthday party and fundraiser in honour of feminist luminary, Eve Mahlab.

Leading Australian Companies JB Hi-Fi and SEEK call on businesses to support workplace giving

One Million Donors: June is Workplace Giving month and business leaders, Andrew Bassat and Richard Murray, are encouraging their counterparts across Australia to embrace workplace giving.

Is philanthropy catching on among China’s super rich?

BBC: When US billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett held a banquet in China a few years ago to urge fellow tycoons to donate their fortunes to charity, some of their intended targets didn’t bother to turn up.

Capital Raising Target of Social Impact Bonds Met in One Month

Pro Bono News: Funding for Australia’s first social impact bond for mental health and Queensland’s first social benefit bond uniting children in out-of-home care with their families has reached its target one month after its launch.

Giving Circles in the U.S. Grow: What Does That Mean for Institutional Philanthropy?

Nonprofit Quarterly: Based on preliminary study data, there are more than 1,300 active giving circles and, in addition, 525 chapters of giving circle federations in the U.S.

Is Ethical Philanthropy Effective Philanthropy? A practical guide

Huffington Post: What happens when philanthropic practices are guided by ethics?

Flexible and Responsive: How One Funder is Helping Refugees

Inside Philanthropy: The Patterson Foundation joins a rather short list institutional and individual funders stepping up to not only do their part to alleviate the suffering of the world’s refugee population.

4 Ways Millennials Can Increase Their Philanthropic Giving At Work

Forbes: Millennials are often drawn to jobs that allow them make an impact on their community through the work they do each day as well as the volunteer opportunities their employer offers throughout the year.

Philanthropists finding many ways to donate

Financial Review: A new approach to philanthropy is emerging that focuses less on merely giving money and more on intangibles such as providing connections, time and expertise.

Listen to Your Heart, Follow Your Friends: How Young Women Philanthropists Think Differently

Inside Philanthropy: Millennial women give very differently than their mothers or grandmothers ever did in the past or do now today.

The Insufficiency of Philanthropy

Forbes: There’s a critical gap in our social safety net that philanthropy alone can’t fix.

Big Philanthropy Gets A Boost: 14 Titans From 7 Countries Join The Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge

Forbes: The Giving Pledge, an elite network of big philanthropic givers, has gained 14 new members from 7 countries, including Australian slot machine billionaire, Len Ainsworth.

Budget boost for social impact investing

The Australian: The commonwealth government has signalled its intent to take a greater role in fostering a vibrant impact investing market.

Vic Government adds $3 million to McEwen Foundation grant for Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project

EQT: In dollar terms, the State Government’s $3 million, makes it a four-to-one return on the McEwen Foundation’s contribution.

Social impact bonds: how much evaluation is too much?

The Mandarin: Increased rigour in evaluation is one of the oft-touted reasons for using social impact bonds, but some providers worry it’s sucking up resources for service delivery.

A time to give

Pro Bono: Dr Jason Franklin talks about philanthropists engaging in fights for justice, the importance of celebrating generosity and why giving has to move at the speed of trust.

When did kindness become something to scoff at?

Courier Mail: We need to back big-scale philanthropists, because they go where governments fear to tread.

Impact100 Sydney North EOI for $100,000 grant extended to June 12

Impact100 Sydney North: The deadline for EOI applications for projects helping children and young people at risk in the Greater Sydney region has been extended.

Embracing Philanthropy’s Quirks

Pro Bono: If philanthropy could embrace its quirks, we might spend less time theorising about unreachable goals for “strategic philanthropy” and more time focusing on what is practically achievable.

Philanthropy like Andrew Forrest’s helps universities drive growth

Financial Review: Not only can giving have specific benefit for the recipients, if it is done publicly, it can encourage others to follow suit.

Twiggy Forrest donation: more philanthropy means more risk-taking – and that’s good

The Conversation: The announcement again highlighted that philanthropy in Australia really is coming of age.

Twiggy Forrest’s philanthropy is great. But he could have just paid more tax

Guardian: Philanthropy from wealthy individuals is many things: generous, inspiring, and selfless. But it is also inherently undemocratic.

When and How to Shut Down a Partnership

SSIR: In a global development sector tight on resources, partnerships should shut down after accomplishing (or failing to achieve) their missions.

How to Tell Your Corporate Philanthropy Story with Authenticity

Versaic: Four steps that can help ensure your story truly reflects your company’s core business and values.

“No Time for Business as Usual.” How a Progressive Funder is Changing in the Trump Era

Inside Philanthropy: Funders are being pulled between staying the course with existing programs and rushing to meet new needs that seem to emerge daily.

Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest donates $400m, the ‘biggest single philanthropic gift’ by living person

ABC: Mining magnate Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest and his wife Nicola are donating $400 million to be used for a number of causes, including cancer research and the eradication of slavery.

Andrew Forrest leads the way as corporate philanthropy gets fashionable

Financial Review: The $400 million gift to society by Andrew and Nicola Forrest is certainly at the extreme edge of modern philanthropy in Australia but it’s also leading an even bigger trend occurring in business circles.

Impact Investors Manage $114 Billion in Assets: GIIN Annual Survey

Think Advisor: In 2016, 209 leading impact investors committed a total of $22.1 billion into 7,951 impact investments.

Australian impact investing primed to reach $32bn

Financial Standard: A new initiative to support the development of Australia and New Zealand’s impact investment market has been launched by Responsible Investment Association Australasia and Impact Investing Australia.

Inside the growing business trend of giving all your profits away

Fast Company: Newman’s Own pioneered the idea of a philanthropic enterprise. Now, it’s helping to coalesce a new movement.

Effective philanthropy and how to achieve it

The Australian: It makes sense to give to charities — it’s a tax-effective way to support the community and direct help to where it’s needed the most.

5 Priceless Benefits Entrepreneurs Gain From Philanthropy

Forbes: You don’t have to be the founder of a billion-dollar tech giant to get started with philanthropy. All you need is the desire to help others, and the willingness to put in the effort to make a change.

Philanthropy New Zealand Award winners announced

Community Scoop: Three New Zealanders were recognised for their dedication to making a positive difference at the inaugural Philanthropy New Zealand Awards.

Craig Winkler Sells Part of Xero Shareholding to Fund Philanthropy

Xero: As a committed philanthropist, Winkler has informed Xero that he will seek to distribute 100% of Givia’s assets over approximately a 10 year time frame.

Ex-President, New Philanthropist: A First Look at Obama Giving

Inside Philanthropy: At the moment, the Obama Foundation is mostly focused on the Obama Presidential Center (OPC) on Chicago’s South Side.

3 Things Philanthropists Can Do During Times of Political Change

SSIR: As philanthropists seek to drive philanthropic impact in the Trump era, they must reassess their strategies and approaches, and consider new opportunities while remaining true to their beliefs.

Why the Dell Foundation is betting big on social entrepreneurs

Fast Company: A new report from the foundation, called A Philanthropist’s Guide to the Future, lays out a path forward for how to better fund societal change.

Technology for the People: What’s Microsoft Philanthropies Been Up To?

Inside Philanthropy: It may come as a surprise to some, but Microsoft Philanthropies is a fairly new outfit.

Collective Impact on the Ground

SSIR: An in-depth look at an environmental education collaborative during the early stages of its collective impact process.

Impact100 Sydney North calls for EOIs for Syd projects supporting young people at risk

Impact100 Sydney North: Applications for the inaugural $100,000 high impact grant are open. Projects helping children and young people at risk in the Greater Sydney region can submit an EOI by Friday 2 June.

Canon Australia launches Donate or Keep campaign

Canon: Canon Australia has partnered with local charities; Cancer Council Australia, Australian Red Cross and Starlight Children’s Foundation, to give consumers an opportunity to support them.

Australian nonprofit sector more innovative according to GiveEasy Innovation Index

GiveEasy: The 2017 GiveEasy Innovation Index has reported a 9 per cent increase in innovation performance for Australian not-for-profits in the last 12 months.

Commonwealth to Fund Social Impact Investing

Pro Bono: The federal government will partner with the states and territories and other stakeholders to trial social impact investing (SII) to determine the effectiveness of outcomes-focused investing in improving housing and welfare for young people.

Barriers to Funder Collaboration and the Will to Overcome Them

SSIR: Foundation leaders know the social sector needs more and better collaboration for impact, but four barriers often get in the way.

Our Peaks are in a Funding Trough

Pro Bono News: A voice needs a body… To have an effective sector voice we need an effective and well-resourced sector body.

In Formation: A Singer’s Philanthropy Hits a Higher Note

Inside Philanthropy: Beyoncé’s new Formation Scholars initiative seems like a new level of intentionality in her philanthropy.

Systems Thinking: A View from the Trenches

SSIR: Four lessons from one foundation’s effort to put systems thinking into practice.

Corporate Philanthropy: It’s Not Just Money That Changes The World

Entrepreneur: Sometimes there is a better way to help than writing a check.

5 Questions Grant Makers Should Ask About the First 100 Days of Trump Era

Chronicle of Philanthropy: It’s an opportune moment to assess philanthropy’s response to the cultural and political changes buffeting the country.

Peter Buffett Stirred the Pot Over the Role of Philanthropy

Alternet: The artist and musician has a new vision for community and sustainable farming—and yes, he is Warren’s son.

Five organisations redefining philanthropy

Forbes: The leaders of integrating purpose and profit are redefining the concept of philanthropy.

Philanthropy’s Response to Trump Misses Focus on the Most-Alienated Americans

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Now that the first 100 days of Trump administration have come and gone, it’s fair to say the philanthropic sky hasn’t fallen.

A Unique Funder’s Support for Food Systems in Native Communities

Inside Philanthropy: This forward-thinking funder supports food and agriculture in Native American communities, including food sovereignty, meaning food production that is sustainable, healthy and driven locally by native communities

Philanthropy 50: biggest private givers in 2016

Financial Review: The Paul Ramsay Foundation sits atop the inaugural Philanthropy 50 list, which details the top private gifts across the country in the financial year to June 30, 2016.

Philanthropy supporting innovation and the untested

Coutts: Risk often takes on a negative connotation, but in philanthropy it can be positive or even necessary.

Can Bloomberg, Coal’s Billionaire Foe, Help Communities Hurt by its Decline?

Inside Philanthropy: Mike Bloomberg, one of philanthropy’s biggest crusaders against coal, is now funding efforts to rebuild local economies that have suffered as the industry has collapsed.

Impact investing a true asset class: Myer

The Australian: Shared value investing has now become a true asset class that has opened doors for groups such as the Myer philanthropic foundation to provide true risk capital for start-up business, according to new Myer Family Investments chairman Sidney Myer.

Patient Philanthropy: How a Small Foundation Got Big Results

Nonprofit Quarterly: A small size can enable a certain flexibility and responsiveness that can drive change perhaps even more effectively than the most competent big budget efforts.

Silicon Valley philanthropy has unintended consequences

Financial Times: Givers have been criticised for wielding disproportionate power over public life.

What’s Different About the “New” Philanthropists? (If Anything)

Inside Philanthropy: Today’s new donors are quite heterogeneous in their backgrounds, thinking, and approaches.

The Pivotal Importance Of Purposeful Philanthropy In The United States

Huffington Post: Trump’s federal budget will make philanthropy even more critical than it is today in the United States for promoting the common good and equality of opportunity for all and not just the privileged few.

Grantmakers Anticipate Philanthropy Playing More Important Role

Philanthropy News Digest: The informal “Pulse Check” survey looked at how changes today in politics may impact philanthropic behaviour in the year ahead, both in terms of giving practices and investments.

Money Can Break Down Walls in Philanthropy

Huffington Post: At the Pollination Project, our team has used a decentralized “flow funding” model, all over the world, to reach activists and projects that are otherwise cut off from traditional funding sources.

The five biggest myths about impact investing

Investment News: It is time to put the old perceptions and uninformed impressions to rest

Four Points Sydney a five-star buy for Impact Investment

The Australian: Aggressive Melbourne fund manager Impact Investment Group has entered the Sydney hotel market for the first time, buying the yet to be completed Four Points by Sheraton hotel at Central Park as well as a significant parcel of office space in a deal worth nearly $190 million.

Gandel Philanthropy’s Vedran Drakulic sets $25,000 fundraising goal for Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout

All donations received for Drakulic’s participation in the CEO Sleepout 2017 will once again be matched dollar-for-dollar by Gandel Philanthropy.

How top philanthropists wield power through their donations

New York Times: Big philanthropic donations garner big attention. And any criticism of them often comes long after the ribbon-cutting, and even then it can seem churlish.

Systems Change in a Polarized Country

SSIR: A growing number of US foundations are adopting practices based on systems change to achieve their goals in the current political environment.

Ford Foundation is unlikely convert to impact investing

New York Times: The Foundation is now in the vanguard of an approach to endowment management that breaks with generations of investment orthodoxy.

Now Is the Time for Foundations to Invest for Mission and Impact

SSIR: You don’t have to be one of the nation’s largest foundations or committed to 100 percent for mission to have a major impact.

Zuckerberg says Facebook doesn’t focus on charity because it’s already doing plenty of good

Quartz: to Facebook, giving back means focusing on social media.

Flight Centre founders pour $18.5 million into conservation

Brisbane Times: Flight Centre founder Graham Turner and his wife, Jude Turner, launched the collaboration with the University of Queensland at their Spicers Hidden Vale retreat at Grandchester, west of Brisbane.

Real Change: How This Grantmaker Got Serious About Diversity

Inside Philanthropy: After years of paying lip service to the concepts of diversity and inclusion, some charities have completely restructured their operations—going well beyond the tokenism that has angered and alienated minority communities for years.

Social enterprise from both sides of the fence – Generosity Forum 2017

Social Traders: “It’s the role of philanthropy to drive social innovation and support organisations working to do things differently in order to make a difference” – Natalie Elliott, William Buckland Foundation.

Omidyar network gives $100 million to boost journalism and fight hate speech

Washington Post: The philanthropy established by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar will contribute $100 million to support investigative journalism, fight misinformation and counteract hate speech around the world.

Shaping the future of philanthropy

Perpetual: A landmark report on Australia’s philanthropic sector has revealed philanthropists are placing the organisations behind the causes under intensifying scrutiny when determining their funding priorities.

Australian Unity Trustees creates philanthropy role

Investor Daily: Australian Unity Trustees has appointed Caroline Whitby to a newly introduced leadership role aimed at managing the business’ philanthropic work.

Solving the World’s Biggest Problems: Better Philanthropy Through Systems Change

SSIR: A growing number of philanthropists and nonprofits are embracing the principles of systems change as an effective way to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Unleashing the Power of Endowments: The Next Great Challenge for Philanthropy

SSIR: For the better part of two decades, the world of philanthropy has been engaged in an important, sometimes contested, conversation about “impact”—both how we measure it and how we deliver it.

The Ford Foundation Is Committing Up To $1 Billion To Mission-Related Investments

Forbes: For social entrepreneurs, it means a major endorsement of the double-bottom line approach and, of course, potentially more financing from the funds receiving the foundation’s money.

Nonprofit sector the happiest at work

Mwah: New research conducted by Curtin University, in collaboration with Making Work Absolutely Human (mwah.), reveals that while pay, job security and hours of work count, it’s the job itself that matters most.

Learning to use the philanthropy tool box

LMCF: Catherine Brown shares the three most important things she’s learned while working in philanthropy.

Yes, Men’s Giving Circles Exist! How Guys Are Stepping Up to Give Locally

Inside Philanthropy: We are seeing more networked donor efforts spearheaded by men. And we’re seeing some male giving circles, too.

Is there a disconnect between impact investing and gender lens investing? It’s complicated

Generocity: “We don’t really invest with a gender lens, and I personally don’t, but I have invested in a lot of companies that are led by women,” said Investors’ Circle President Annarie Lyles.

Impact Investment Group plans to buy Sydney hotel and offices

The Australian: Funds manager Impact Investment Group is planning its first hotel acquisition by buying Sydney’s Four Points by Sheraton, Central Park and some associated office space in a deal worth about $190 million.

Strengthening the Impact Investing Movement

SSIR: Segmenting the field to better align expectations of risk, returns, and impact; increasing the rate of adoption with important stakeholders; and stepping up work in the United States—a look at Omidyar Network’s priorities in advancing the movement.

The Problem With Modern Philanthropy

The Atlantic: A new book argues that the giving patterns of today’s wealthy may present challenges to the democratic process.

A new way of giving is changing philanthropy

The Economist: But concerns linger over some features of donor-advised funds.

Like George Michael, we’re all private philanthropists

Guardian: Much has been made of the singer’s secret donations, but people on lower incomes give proportionately more than wealthy donors without any fanfare.

Sick of Online Hate? So Is This Billionaire Philanthropist

Inside Philanthropy: The Omidyar Network is providing seed funding for an Anti-Defamation League centre in Silicon Valley that will help digital companies find ways to fight online hate.

AEGN releases statement in response to government’s State of the Environment report

AEGN: Compiled every five years, the report provides a powerful roadmap authored by independent scientists. For philanthropists it provides an opportunity to consider how they can make a real difference to the future of our environment.

David Rockefeller, billionaire philanthropist, dies aged 101

Guardian: Last of his generation in one of America’s most famous families led a network of interests both business and philanthropic, from conservation to the arts.

How Trump Presidency Is Boosting Demand for Impact Investing, ESG Funds

Think Advisor: Trump’s executive orders and proposed budget cuts affecting environmental and social programs are increasing demand for impact and ESG investments.

How to Raise Your Child to Be a Philanthropist

Wall Street Journal: Experts advise to start talking to children about philanthropy when they’re young and continue to have those discussions as they grow.

The Future of African-American Philanthropy

Philanthropy News Digest: African Americans are four times as likely as donors from other racial or ethnic groups to use social media to raise funds and/or awareness for a cause.

How billionaire philanthropists could really make an impact

Ethical Corporation: If the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were to put their money into impact investment instead of grants they could make a real contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Out of the “Philanthropic Shadows.” As the Toll from Opioids Grows, Who’s Giving for Addiction Medicine?

Inside Philanthropy: Few foundations and major donors are dedicating resources to combating what’s been called America’s worst drug crisis ever.

La Trobe half way to $50m target

The Australian: La Trobe University’s first ever fundraising campaign got off to a bright start after it managed to attract $20 million in donations.

Don’t Give Big. Instead, Invest Thoughtfully.

SSIR: This spring, community foundations around the US will host one-day, online giving campaigns for nonprofits in their regions. But the model needs an overhaul if it’s going to benefit more than the community foundations themselves.

Philanthropist Chuck Feeney’s tale inspired Bain Capital MD Amit Chandra to donate wealth

Economic Times: During a trip to San Francisco, the Bain Capital top boss met philanthropist Chuck Feeney, who is one of the biggest givers of the past 100 years.

Crowdfunding Will Change Philanthropy—But How?

Nonprofit Quarterly: Crowdfunding generated more than $34 billion in worldwide donations, equity funding, and person-to-person lending in 2015.

Why philanthropy must do more on climate change

William & Flora Hewlett Foundation: Given structures and technologies available right now, it is still possible for nations to transition to clean energy in a cost-effective manner and over a reasonable period of time—improving billions of lives.

New social bond advocates gender equality

Financial Standard: National Australia Bank is issuing a social bond that will enable institutional investors to directly invest in Australian organisations actively championing women and equality in the workplace.

Lessons Learned from a Journey to Impact Investing

Center for Effective Philanthropy: Through this learning process, we came to appreciate that all of our capital — intellectual, social, and financial — has a shared purpose.

Can millennials, crowdfunding, and impact investing change the world?

Huffington Post: As millennials continue to age and start investing, more and more companies are likely to recognise potential in crowdfunding for impact investment.

Atlassian founders plant seeds of expanding culture of giving

The Australian: The 1 per cent pledge taken by Farquhar and Cannon-Brookes, now both 37, has evolved into a broader philanthropic movement.

Climate Institute to shut due to lack of philanthropic support

Sydney Morning Herald: Australia’s original climate change-focused think-tank and lobby group will shut after it failed to replace the multi-million-dollar bequest it relied on.

Chinese Women 42% More Engaged in Philanthropy Than Men

Yahoo Finance: A new survey out this week to coincide with International Women’s Day says Chinese women are considerably more likely than their male counterparts to donate to philanthropic projects.

Is the Philanthropic Elite a Scourge of Democracy or Its Guarantor?

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Americans Are Sick of Foundations and Other Elite Institutions That ‘Know Best’.

The Civic Media Crisis and What Philanthropy Can Do

SSIR: Protecting the independent media and the public sphere presents an epic challenge, but there is great opportunity for philanthropy to step up and help.