new fundraising platform DayDATE™

Are you looking for a new fundraising system that will raise more money for your organisation?

The ability to successfully raise funds online has now become critical for charities around the world. At a time when nonprofit organisations are increasingly dependent on donated revenue, AskRIGHT introduces a unique fundraising platform and service that can help you get funded every day. It is called DayDATE™ and here’s how it works.

You get your own DayDATE website which you promote to your supporters, neighbours, and the general community.

On your DayDATE website, supporters choose to fund your organisation on a specific date – this could be their birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other date – or they choose a special day from your organisation’s calendar – like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Easter. People love the idea of being a funder for a day. As supporters choose the day or date they wish to fund, their contributions provide your organisation with year-round income.

Supporters can pay as donors or corporate sponsors and DayDATE will provide the appropriate recognition, and the right receipt for their tax records.

Supporters are recognised by a message on your website on their chosen date and you can recognise them in other ways – on your electronic signboard, on your noticeboard, or on social media.

Your organisation sets the amount for the donation or sponsorship and the payment goes straight into your organisation’s bank account. You can access regular reports so you can easily track the progress of your DayDATE campaign.

The DayDATE system raises money for any organisation that provides a year-round venue or service – museums, cathedrals, residential care, animal shelters, medical services, research institutes, parks, gardens, colleges, social services and more.

To help make your DayDATE fundraising campaign the best it can be, you have access to a range of materials to promote your DayDATE website, and to steward your DayDATE supporters.

Life Matters Suicide Prevention, in New Zealand, and St John’s Anglican Cathedral, in Australia, are already on board to receive daily sponsors and daily donors through DayDATE™

fundraising platform DayDATE“We know that right now is a time of financial uncertainty for many businesses and people in our community. For those who are able to we ask that they consider donating or sponsoring a day of the Hope Centre. Your generosity will save lives by helping young people in distress get the immediate support they need.” (Corinda Taylor, General Manager, Life Matters, Dunedin)

Take a look at the Life Matters DayDATE™ website.

“It’s an opportunity for people to sponsor the work of a Cathedral for a day by choosing a day or a date that has some significance to them or to the community. So, one can sponsor the work of the Cathedral for a day as a celebration of your birthday or an anniversary or some other great occasion in your life, or, on a day that actually has great significance for us as a Cathedral community, such as the Feast of Dedication or Easter or Christmas or Feast of St John, or, a day that has significance in the wider community such as Sorry Day, Australia Day, Anzac Day, and the like…” (Rev Dr Peter Catt, Dean, St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane)

Take a look at the St John’s Cathedral DayDATE™ website.

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DayDATE™ is available in Australia and New Zealand, and soon in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.