Gaining executive and board member endorsement is the biggest challenge to nonprofit digital transformation.

Fundraisers find themselves in complex and lengthy processes, struggling to convince internal stakeholders that it is worth the investment, even when their leadership understands technology can completely and positively transform their organisation’s fundraising activity.

Fortunately, Salesforce has developed the ultimate guide on turning Chairs into Champions for your Digital Transformation Initiatives through better proposals.

The guide shares:

  • The barriers to leadership buy-in for digital transformation initiatives.
  • The most important questions to address in a technology proposal.
  • What each key stakeholder needs to see in the proposal to give approval.
  • How and when stakeholders should be engaged for the greatest chance of approval.
  • What it takes to turn an approval authority into an advocating champion.

You’ll turn “Why should we do this now?” into “It’s now my mission to get this prioritised!” When you secure that backing, that is when the real magic happens.

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