• Membership of F&P entitles you to the published membership benefits.
  • F&P reserves the right to vary member benefits from time to time.
  • If a membership is purchased and a customer realises they already have one, two
    options are available: (1) roll on after your current membership ends or (2) transfer
    the membership to a colleague in your organisation.
  • If a member claims magazines have not been received, we will send one additional
    copy of the missing magazine by post. If any additional claims are made after this,
    the member will need to provide an alternative mailing address and pay for postage
    costs of any additional magazines requested. This claim must be made no later than
    two months after the publication date (mailing date) of the magazine.
  • It is the responsibility of members to notify F&P if they change their address or any
    other relevant details during the membership period.
  • You acknowledge that these standard membership terms and conditions may be
    modified from time to time, and agree that you are responsible for knowing and
    understanding these standard membership terms and conditions, and you agree to
    any such modification.
    Privacy and personal information
  • When you become an F&P member you agree that your name, address, email and
    other details be added to the F&P member database.
  • We use this personal data to enable the provision of services to you, for example to
    mail copies of F&P magazine, send you email communications, allow access to the
    F&P website and more.
  • Your data will never be sold or given to a third party.
  • You may receive email correspondence from F&P and will have the option to
    unsubscribe from emails at any time.
    Pricing and billing
  • When you purchase a membership, the price will be made clear during the order
    process. You agree to pay the price that is stated at the time of your order, as well as
    any applicable taxes. You also agree to the billing frequency stated at the time of
    your order.
  • All prices are in Australian dollars, unless otherwise stated.
  • F&P reserves the right to change prices and fees from time to time.
  • Your membership benefits will continue to be provided to you as long as your
    membership is current, i.e., you are up to date with the payment of your
    membership fees.
  • If F&P does not receive payment of your membership fees, then your membership
    benefits will cease.
  • F&P occasionally offers membership discounts. Discount eligibility is determined at
    the time of the offer. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively.

Cancellation and refunds

  • You may cancel your membership at any time. You can do this from your membership
    account area in the F&P website or by contacting us at
  • If your membership is paid monthly and you wish to cancel, your membership will
    continue until the end of the current month’s billing cycle, and you are not entitled to
    a refund.
  • If your membership is paid annually and you wish to cancel, you are entitled to a pro
    rata refund of the remaining portion of the membership.
    Conference Discounts
  • F&P members are entitled to a 20% discount on F&P conferences.
  • Only those people named in a membership package are entitled to the 20% discount.
    People not named as part of an F&P membership package are not entitled to the
    20% discount.
    Logins and passwords
  • Each F&P member has their own individual username and password to login to the
    F&P website.
  • Members are not allowed to share their username and password information with
    anyone else.
  • Members who share their username and password information with other people
    may experience difficulty in logging in to the F&P website.
  • Members found sharing their username and password information may have their
    membership suspended or cancelled.