How many of you are frustrated by fundraising analytics?

David has been a fundraiser for 23 years. He started his fundraising consultancy Nourish nfp 12 years ago following his role as Director of Fundraising and Communications at ChildFund Australia. 

“Although I work across the whole fundraising spectrum, my focus fell onto regular giving early on. I was an early adopter of face to face fundraising in Australia and have developed a passion for regular giving and the extraordinary value it can bring to the beneficiaries of charities.”

However, one of the most frustrating aspects of managing regular giving programs in his experience is the extraction  and analysis of data.

“When I was running multiple F2F suppliers for example, to look at how they perform against each other meant going through the lengthy process of a CRM data extraction, pivot tables, building another spreadsheet with the data and then analysing it. It’s incredibly important to do this type of analysis but, when analytics can be so time consuming, sometimes it is easier to take the path of least resistance.”

Is there an easier way to track, analyse and plan your regular giving program?

As a specialist data and analytics consultancy, Altis has seen every data challenge out there. Launched in 1998, and now with over 100 consultants, Altis focuses exclusively on building data solutions from dashboards to predictive analytics. They are focused on adding value to organisations with their data.

Mythili Baker is Head of Innovation at Altis, where she is focused on developing value-add new analytics services to market. “We identified an opportunity to create something easy to use that calculated all the metrics required to efficiently manage a regular giving program that could be used cost-effectively by users. Teaming up with David brought a best practice approach and knowledge of the key metrics and how best to present them to the user for ease of use.”

Hence GivingInsight was born. A cost-effective, user-friendly analytics service to plan and analyse your Regular Giving program.

What is GivingInsight and how does it improve regular giving ROI? 

GivingInsight is your web-based platform to see, at the click of a mouse, all the business information needed to successfully manage your regular giving program. 

Need to track your supplier performance or check the outcomes of a test and learn? With GivingInsight all your data and metrics are easily accessible in easy-to-read dashboards.

GivingInsight does the following:

  • Automatically connects to your CRM and refreshes data daily to provide timely, accurate insights.
  • Allows you to track all your key metrics such as ROI, attrition, declines, revenue, average gift and much more. 
  • Provides the ability to segment that data by channel, campaign, supplier etc. 
  • Provides an ability to create short and long forecasts for your regular giving programs; a great budgeting tool.

Example outcomes

Using GivingInsight, The Kids Cancer Project were able to easily select their preferred telemarketing agency from a supplier comparison. The data clearly showing that making the decision purely on costs would have been a mistake. 

Using the Dashboard displaying the highest value donors, one of Altis’ clients identified previously ‘hidden’ high value donors who could now receive appropriate attention and be considered for inclusion into a high value program. 

What about forecasting your regular giving campaigns?

Forecasting and budgeting for a regular giving campaign can also prove challenging. It usually means wading in spreadsheets, hoping a formula doesn’t accidentally get changed. The amount of time spent creating forecasts can be days or even weeks.

This means it’s not easy to reforecast quickly, which is something we all wanted to do in March and April this year.

GivingInsight provides a simple forecast model to enter key inputs such as expected average gift, decline, cost per acquisition, attrition, and donor acquisition numbers. It then generates a 10-year forecast informing you of your break-even month, ROI and profitability.

The best part is you can export it all to excel and paste into your budget when you need.

Need to know how much revenue your existing donors will provide? That’s covered by GivingInsight’s machine learning predictive model, which will forecast the next 10 years of donor numbers and revenue from your existing base.

Benchmarking metrics and more

Developed closely with our early charity customers to ensure its effectiveness, now with numerous client success stories including The Kids Cancer Project case study, GivingInsight has helped many NFPs better analyse, report and forecast their regular giving programs. 

Included in the tool is the ability to benchmark your key metrics against the industry average represented by all customers. This has been a valuable reference point and action starter for our customers. Plans for the tool include expanding beyond regular giving.

As David reflects. “This is exactly the kind of tool I wish I’d had as a fundraiser years ago!”

If you’re interested in having a demonstration of GivingInsight, and how it will help you, Altis would love to have a chat.

Drop Altis line at or call 0404 037 834 and to chat about how you can better track and manage your regular giving programs.