Through the ACF, artists upload their project, start their fundraising campaign and invite art lovers and supporters to donate with 100% of donations going directly towards artists’ creative projects.

The ACF has helped raise millions of dollars for Australian artists, enabling a wide range of projects to come to life and offering support to Australia’s cultural sector. In 2022 alone, $9.5 million was raised, with 500 artist campaigns receiving donations from over 9,000 donors and foundations. Over 8,000 of these donors were first-time philanthropists via the ACF.

Thinking ahead of EOFY with the ACF

For artists and arts organisations big and small, the end of the financial year is a crucial time for fundraising. In fact, last year over a third of annual donations through the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) were made in May and June alone.

If you’re an individual artist, collective or organisation that doesn’t have tax deductible status (DGR), the ACF is a great way to invite your donors to give an end of year fundraising campaign. Via the ACF, your donors will receive a tax deduction from their gift to you, plus our ACF team and platform will provide support to lighten the load of fundraising administration.

While organisations that have DGR status can already provide this tax deductibility to donors, you possibly work with artists and smaller organisations that would benefit from exploring the ACF. We encourage you to share the opportunity of fundraising through the ACF with your community of artists, in the hope that fundraising dollars reach all aspects of the arts ecology this year.

Did you know that 100% of your donations go directly to artists?

You read that right – 100% of your funds go directly to the artist you’re supporting when you donate through the ACF platform – there is no service fee and any hidden cost.

Recognising the hardship of the arts and cultural sector during the COVID-19 pandemic and seeing a need to innovate to best serve the arts community, we remodeled the ACF to remove all fees from December 2021. This meant that donors and artists could know that 100% of funds raised through the fund would go directly to their campaign. Remarkably, this change saw annual donations via the fund double, a reminder of how in fundraising, small changes can make a significant impact on results.

We hope the removal of the fee continues to encourage even more donors to give, every dollar counts in assisting our cultural community.

Who can use the ACF?

The ACF is open to Australian-based artist or arts/culture organisations however; there are some boxes that must be ticked in order to be eligible to run a project.

These include that an artist/organisation must: be a practicing artist or arts and cultural entity and be engaged in arts and cultural activities. If you are unsure if you meet our criteria, get in touch with our team for more information. To learn more about project categories, for profit entities, ABN and retrospective expenditure, visit here.

Using the ACF to apply for grants

If you have a major donor who has pledged to support your work with a significant gift or are thinking of applying for a grant from a Trust or Foundation, the ACF can help you.

Creative Partnerships Australia’s unique Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status allows the ACF to offer tax deductibility to donors. This status means that we can facilitate private campaigns for one-off gifts from individuals or organisations, as well as grant applications to Trusts and Foundations that require grantees to have DGR status.  We work with foundations such as the Besen Family Foundation and the Australian Communities Foundation to allow independent artists without DGR status to receive grants via the ACF, ensuring that individual members of our arts community are receiving the same opportunities as larger organisations and groups. Find out more ways the ACF can help you here.

Bespoke giving via the ACF

The ACF understands that giving comes in many shapes and sizes. Whilst many campaigns run on the platform are individual artists raising money from their network, we can support philanthropy in all its forms by tailoring what we do. There are a few ways we can lend a hand to those requiring a more bespoke giving experience through fellowships, prizes, grants and one-off and multi-year giving for PAFs and Foundations. Plunge into the unique ways to give here.

To learn more on how to fundraise through the ACF or donate, please visit

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